Facebook now lets verified journalists live-stream video to followers

Journalists with verified Facebook pages can now deliver breaking news to their followers through Mentions, a live-streaming app.

Sam Berkhead | September 18, 2015

Pro smartphone journalism part 2: Hand-held shooting tips

In a follow-up to his first piece on stabilizing rigs for your mobile camera, Packer offers breathing techniques, shooting postures and other ways to ensure a clear shot. 

Lynn Packer | August 11, 2015

The New York Times R&D Lab experiments with machine learning

How machine learning is getting rid of time-consuming tasks, Cory Haik discusses The Washington Post's mobile strategy and more in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by CIMA.

IJNet | August 07, 2015

Pro smartphone journalism part 1: Four ways to stabilize your camera

Shaky videos are either a sign of video journalists new to the craft or a lack of proper equipment. These four types of rigs can help secure a smooth shot. 

Lynn Packer | August 06, 2015

Wearables: A news distribution dream

Now that people can receive news on their wrist, news outlets have a responsiblity to tailor those notifications as much as possible. ICFJ Knight Fellow Christopher Guess gives some insight on how. 

Christopher Guess | August 05, 2015

Online spaces for journalists to find advice and fellow freelancers

Web-based communities for journalists, why your car might become a digital platform for news and more in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by the Center for International Media Assistance.

IJNet | July 17, 2015

How mobile metrics fall short for news outlets and advertisers

Measuring Internet traffic is no simple matter, but metrics are important for advertisers to determine how much they'll pay for their messages to appear in a digital publication.

James Breiner | July 13, 2015

BBC's Dmitry Shishkin: 3 takeaways from publishing across 28 languages

BBC World Service Digital Development Editor shares what he's learned about prioritizing language products, adapting to the mobile revolution and more. 

Dmitry Shishkin | July 09, 2015

Offline but mobile: how can media organizations across Africa engage with audiences?

ICFJ Knight Fellow Stephen Abbott Pugh examines how mobile experimentation in the newsroom now could pay huge dividends in the long run. 

Stephen Abbott Pugh | July 08, 2015

Six takeaways from the Reuters 2015 Digital News Report

IJNet combed through the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report to find six takeaways that will prove useful for anyone working in the digital news arena.

Natasha Tynes | June 19, 2015