Journalists' Safety

Journalists' Safety

Advice from an independent newspaper publisher: "Never give up, never surrender"

Digital media entrepreneurs struggling to survive can take inspiration from the story of an independent newspaper publisher in a country of the former Soviet Union.

James Breiner | August 12, 2011

Foreign correspondent jobs: expert tips on how to prepare

By many accounts, it’s becoming more dangerous to work as a foreign correspondent: 80 journalists are killed in the line of duty every year and many more are attacked or jailed. IJNet offers nine tips to keep in mind when covering news in far-flung places.

مي اليان | July 19, 2011

YouTube channel honors slain journalists

A YouTube channel launched to honor fallen journalists has already received more than 70 video submissions. Video tributes have been uploaded from Greece, Thailand and Mexico.

Dana Liebelson | May 17, 2011

Journalist for independent news site faces criminal trial [Thailand]

The Thai government is prosecuting the site's webmaster and director, known as Jiew, for critical comments that users posted about Thailand's monarchy.

Nicole Martinelli | February 02, 2011

Report: High number of journalists targeted by kidnappers in 2010

Journalism is a dangerous profession in many parts of the world, concludes a 2010 report by Reporters Without Borders. In the past year, 51 journalists were kidnapped or used as bargaining chips.

Dana Liebelson | January 11, 2011

10 tips for reporting conflict and abuse

Journalist Jaldeep Katwala offers 10 tips on how to cover stories in conflict zones. Katwala, who has covered conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, says that reporting on conflict and abuse is complex and that the way facts are revealed often does not provide the level of understanding the situation demands.

Jaldeep Katwala, Media Helping Media | December 15, 2010

Killing the news: Stories go untold as Latin American journalists die

Since January, nine Mexican journalists have been murdered and another eight have been kidnapped and remain missing for a...

Tyler Bridges, Impunity Project Evaluation Report | December 13, 2010

In the wake of Haiti disaster, Dart Center says newsroom support is key

In the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, news bureaus and wire services are reassessing how to keep their offices efficient through crisis and best communicate with journalists in the field in disaster areas.

Sasha Turrentine, IJNet Writer | March 01, 2010

Resources available for covering Haiti

Poynter’s News University has made a list of resources available for journalists traveling to Haiti or looking for the local angle to cover the news about the country's devastating earthquake.

Jessica Weiss | January 20, 2010

Understanding the Philippines massacre

On November 23, reporters in the Philippines endured the deadliest single attack on journalists anywhere in the world. According to the latest reports, 29 journalists were assassinated along with 28 civilians in Maguindanao province.

Chatrine Siswoyo, IJNet Writer | December 04, 2009