Journalists' Safety

Journalists' Safety

Interactive map uses crowdsourcing to record attacks on journalists in Iraq

The director of a Baghdad-based journalists' group launched an online map that uses crowdsourced reports to identify attacks in Iraq, one of the most dangerous places to work in news.

Natasha Tynes | November 20, 2013

SecureDrop: a vault where sources can share information with journalists anonymously

Newsrooms can host the open source system on their websites so whistleblowers can submit high-risk documents and tips while maintaining their anonymity.

Margaret Looney | October 18, 2013

Digital security for journalists: why and how to protect your passwords

It's critical that journalists safely guard access to information about their contacts, confidential sources and research documents.

Jorge Luis Sierra | August 22, 2013

WeFightCensorship publishes banned articles

Reporters Without Borders created a "digital safe" to offer a secure way for journalists facing censorship to submit news and documents for publication.

Margaret Looney | June 28, 2013

How journalists can keep their mobile phones secure

The features that make a reporter’s phone such a useful tool can also make it an attractive target to governments, hackers and criminals. Here's how to protect your phone.

Jorge Luis Sierra | June 12, 2013

Journalists: protect your computer today in case it's stolen tomorrow

When journalists' computers are stolen, they can lose confidential, valuable and sensitive information. However, by adopting a few preventive measures, they can reduce the potential damage of a computer theft.

Jorge Luis Sierra | May 24, 2013

Preparing to report from a conflict zone

Hostile-environment training is essential for freelancers considering assignments in the world’s conflict zones.

Jessica Weiss | May 17, 2013

New digital map tracks attacks on journalists and bloggers

In Mexico, where more than 80 journalists have been killed since 2005, a new map offers a safer way to report attacks.

Jorge Luis Sierra | April 25, 2013

Five tips for journalists reporting abroad

In the latest IJNet Live chat, two reporters shared their advice on preparing for a reporting assignment abroad, staying safe overseas, finding fixers and more.

Margaret Looney | February 08, 2013

A new toolkit for journalists covering human rights issues

Internews recently released a web resource titled "Speak up, speak out: A toolkit for reporting on human rights issues." Here are IJNet's main takeaways.

Margaret Looney | March 23, 2012