Investigative Reporting

Investigative Reporting

A new toolkit for journalists covering human rights issues

Internews recently released a web resource titled "Speak up, speak out: A toolkit for reporting on human rights issues." Here are IJNet's main takeaways.

Margaret Looney | March 23, 2012

How to cultivate sources for investigative reporting

Finding, developing and maintaining good sources is crucial for an investigative reporter. Here are some tips on how to go about it.

ICFJ Anywhere | December 23, 2011

Tips from an AP reporter for quick investigations

Associated Press investigative reporter Matt Apuzzo shared these tips for quick-hit business investigations in a Reynolds Center webinar.

Margaret Looney | December 08, 2011

Ten quick tips for investigative reporting

An investigative report is one that reveals new findings based on the work and research of the reporter. Here are some quick tips to get you started.

ICFJ Anywhere | November 21, 2011

How data is driving innovative journalism

The Guardian Datastore, The Bay Citizen and The Texas Tribune, honored at the 2011 Knight-Batten Awards and Symposium for Innovations in Journalism, are creating data stories that inspire readers and drive traffic.

Maite Fernandez | September 09, 2011

Four data tools for journalists who prefer working with words

Tasneem Raja, digital interactive editor at Mother Jones, offered some great tips for managing data at a recent Hacks/Hackers meetup in San Francisco.

Nicole Martinelli | September 05, 2011

Photographer turns to Kickstarter to fund search for lost Leonardo Da Vinci fresco

Photographer Dave Yoder is on a mission to find a hidden fresco by Leonardo Da Vinci in Florence, Italy, using crowdsourced online service Kickstarter.

Nicole Martinelli | August 18, 2011

China's next brain drain: investigative journalists

Investigative journalists in China are caught in a dilemma: although they are young and idealistic, low salaries and dangerous working conditions lead to burnout, according to a recent study.

Jack Liu and Yolanda Ma | July 22, 2011

How to verify news accounts posted on social media

Blogger Jeff Sonderman details how, when and what one should do with reports on social media.

Jeff Sonderman | July 20, 2011

Foreign correspondent jobs: expert tips on how to prepare

By many accounts, it’s becoming more dangerous to work as a foreign correspondent: 80 journalists are killed in the line of duty every year and many more are attacked or jailed. IJNet offers nine tips to keep in mind when covering news in far-flung places.

مي اليان | July 19, 2011