Foreign correspondent jobs: expert tips on how to prepare

By many accounts, it’s becoming more dangerous to work as a foreign correspondent: 80 journalists are killed in the line of duty every year and many more are attacked or jailed. IJNet offers nine tips to keep in mind when covering news in far-flung places.

مي اليان | July 19, 2011

Virtual newsroom seeks freelancers to expand worldwide

While most newsrooms are shedding staff, a virtual newsroom in the United States seeks freelance journalists and video makers.

Veronika Belenkaya | June 28, 2011

New York blog seeks long-form journalism stories

Website Gothamist will pay $5,000 for a long-form journalism story that it also plans to publish as an e-book.

Nicole Martinelli | June 24, 2011

Getting started as a foreign correspondent

Tips from Graham Holliday, a photojournalist, university lecturer and BBC journalism trainer.

Nicole Martinelli | June 08, 2011

Newspusher seeks video submissions from freelancers

Paris-based Newspusher is a video news on-demand service that has sold stories from freelancers to outlets around the globe. IJNet talked to CEO Lionel Faucher about what content sells most and where they want to expand coverage.

Nicole Martinelli | May 12, 2011

World News on Demand aims to provide virtual news agency for freelancers

The recently launched portal World News on Demand (WNOD) wants to connect international freelancers with news outlets. IJNet learned more about it from former journalist and founder Eugenio Hernandez.

Nicole Martinelli | April 18, 2011

Liveblogging platform to offer marketplace for freelancers

Freelance journalists will soon be able to earn money for covering events in real time. ScribbleLive's new online platform, which will be launched in 2011, aims to open a new market for journalists by syndicating live coverage to media organizations.

Dana Liebelson | December 30, 2010

New app allows freelancers to auction stories to the highest bidder

A web application that allows freelancers to auction stories to editors around the world will begin a trial launch on October 4. The app will be free for both editors and reporters selected for the trial.

Dana Liebelson, IJNet Writer | September 30, 2010