Advice for succeeding as a freelance journalist

Freelancing comes with benefits such as autonomy and flexibility, but the fluid nature of the work can be challenging for many journalists.

Lindsay Kalter | April 22, 2013

Pitch Me creator offers five tips for perfecting a freelance pitch

Kabir Chibber, creator of the online platform where freelancers pitch and editors choose stories, offers advice for crafting the perfect pitch.

Margaret Looney | April 04, 2013

When should journalists work for free?

Is a byline sometimes more valuable than a check? Here are points journalists should keep in mind when considering an unpaid assignment.

Lindsay Kalter | March 08, 2013

Pay The Writer campaign champions the rights of freelance bloggers

In response to the Huffington Post's use of unpaid freelance journalists, the National Writer's Union launched the Pay the Writer! campaign to ensure freelance bloggers, journalists and writers get paid for their work.

Margaret Looney | May 24, 2012

Need an online freelance portfolio fast? Try free website

This free online portfolio site, launched by journalist Nicholas Holmes, promises to get your clips live on a personalized page in minutes so editors can see your work.

Nicole Martinelli | December 27, 2011

Nine tips for newbie travel writers

Veteran travel writer Christopher Reynolds shares his rules of the road, from how to present yourself while reporting to what to include when you write.

Nurilda Nurlybayeva | December 01, 2011

10 tips for aspiring travel journalists

Lots of journalists dream of working on the beach from far-flung locales. Making that dream a reality can be tricky, but a recent Guardian webchat with experts provided some great tips on breaking into the business.

Lindsay Kalter | October 12, 2011

Five tips on blogging for journalism job hunters

A recent webchat with experts from The Guardian offered some great tips on how journalists can blog to find work. Here are IJNet's main takeaways.

Nicole Martinelli | September 26, 2011

New iPad-only mag taps tablet market, seeks contributors

Francesca Bassenger took a project from the London College of fashion and turned it into an iPad-only magazine. IJNet talked to her about how she did it and the future of "app-zines."

Lindsay Kalter | September 07, 2011

Seeking job opportunities in journalism? Execs say online presence, multimedia skills a must

London Metropolitan University hosted a recent panel on careers in journalism. Speakers included executives from Bloomberg, BSkyB and the National Union of Journalists. The panel agreed on one thing: practical experience in a range of media and an online presence are essential.

Nicole Martinelli | August 09, 2011