Digital Journalism

Digital Journalism

As the line between fact and opinion blurs, digital editors face challenges

As audiences are confronted with a proliferation of opinions online, how can we ensure debate continues to strengthen democracy while ensuring that not all opinions are not taken as fact?

Jennifer Anne | October 18, 2018

Report documents escalating online attacks against journalists

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) published a report in July that examines how cyberstalkers operate, who they target and tools they use to wage hate campaigns.

Sherry Ricchiardi | October 10, 2018

Journalists use data, drones to visualize California wildfires

Visualizing the California wildfires using data, drone imagery and more offers insight to better understand — and prevent — the problem.

Daniel Hentz | October 04, 2018

Nonprofit news is a US$350 million industry, according to new report

A report from the Institute of Nonprofit News analyzes the finances, staff and audience of nonprofit news organizations — now a US$350 million industry. 

Christine Schmidt | October 03, 2018

5 easy-to-use tools for creating infographics

You don't have to have any design skills to create professional looking infographics using these tools. 

Kat Duncan | September 27, 2018

Tips for starting your own media newsletter

Newsletters are a direct channel to your audience. Rishad Patel, from The Splice Newsroom, gives tips on how to create your own. 

Rishad Patel | September 18, 2018

How can journalists engage with politics on social media?

Social media blurs the lines between personal and professional content. How can journalists interact online, especially with current affairs, while maintaining their neutrality? 

Cristiana Bedei | September 13, 2018

What's new at Media Party 2018?

Media Party takes place in Buenos Aires every year, bringing together journalists from around the world. Here are some key takeaways from this year's event.

Jacqueline Strzemp | August 28, 2018

Using visual storytelling tools, Oxpeckers investigation incorporates multimedia elements

At the Reporting Land Rights program in South Africa, presenters shared visual storytelling tools, such as Shorthand, that create compelling stories.

Lungelo Ndhlovu | August 23, 2018

Europe's GDPR law helps news sites cut down on third-party cookies

Some third-party cookies were still present, of course. But there was a decrease in third-party content loaded from social media platforms and from content recommendation widgets.

Shan Wang | August 17, 2018