Digital Journalism

Digital Journalism

Social media shortcuts for journalists

Social media can help you do much more than connect with old friends. Here are shortcuts for journalists who want to get interviews, sources and stories using Facebook, Twitter and more.

Nicole Martinelli | March 18, 2011

Building trust and credibility with an online audience

Doreen Marchionni spent the last four years studying how journalists can boost their credibility and engagement with digital audiences. She found the simple secret: Interact online and be human.

Damon Kiesow | March 16, 2011

5 ways to find sources online

Journalists used to have to put on their boots to find sources. Now they can gather interviews and sources by sending e-mails. These five websites offer journalists easy and free access to sources, experts and even story ideas.

Dana Liebelson | March 09, 2011

IJNet journalist of the month: Ana Puod

This month’s journalist, Ana Puod, works for one of the Philippines’ top broadcasting networks, ABC Broadcasting Corporation (TV5). She is involved in both the news and current affairs departments.

Dana Liebelson | March 04, 2011

Meet the Middle East version of The Huffington Post

MidEastPosts is a news and opinion site that brings together the best bloggers writing in English about the Middle East.

مي اليان | March 02, 2011

How to use fun (and free) data visualization tools for online storytelling

Some stories can be tough to visualize and make interactive on the Web. Many times, they involve boring data sets that are difficult to read, or aren’t visually stimulating enough for video or photos. Here are a few fun, free visualization tools that you can use with a variety of data sets.

Whitney Mathews | March 02, 2011

How to remove location information from mobile photos

This post teaches how to remove location information from mobile photos. There are many reasons why one would not want to include location information on content or images, but at the top of the list is the need for security and privacy.

Melissa Ulbricht | March 01, 2011

Filmmakers use social media to create documentary of Egypt protests

A pair of documentary filmmakers are creating a crowdsourced documentary of recent protests in Egypt using material found on social media.

Dana Liebelson | February 23, 2011

Photographer honored for Google Street View Photos

Photographers often face danger to snap the winning pictures honored by the World Press Photo contest. This year a photographer stood in front of his computer screen to shoot the pictures that earned him an honorable mention in the prestigious contest.

Nicole Martinelli | February 21, 2011

How LinkedIn Signal helps you find jobs and stories

One of LinkedIn’s cool, free tools is Signal, which helps LinkedIn users extract more value from the growing amount of content on the careers site and Twitter accounts by helping users slice and dice a tsunamic newsfeed down to a stream they actually can use.

Joe Grimm | February 15, 2011