Digital Journalism

Digital Journalism

Join our Twitter chat with Amy Webb December 15

Do you have questions about the digital future of journalism? Then don't miss IJNet's Twitter chat with digital media expert Amy Webb (@webbmedia) December 15, at 9:00 AM EST.

IJNet | December 13, 2010

One more reason to start using Twitter: IJNet Twitter chats

To celebrate the launch of our newly redesigned website, IJNet will host two Twitter chats. Tomorrow, on December 9, IJNet staff will answer your questions about the site in real time. On December 15, IJNet digital media consultant Amy Webb will join us for another chat.

Dana Liebelson | December 07, 2010

Innovative SMS-driven news project takes place in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, a documentary media company and an independent news agency have teamed up to integrate mobile phones and SMS into news reports.

Melissa Ulbricht, 2009 Knight News Challenge Winner | November 30, 2010

"I Paid a Bribe" uses crowdsourcing to track corruption in India: Part 1 of 2

A non-profit organization in India is on a mission to fight corruption in the country through a new website called “I Paid a Bribe.” The site allows users to anonymously distinguish whether they paid, accepted or declined a bribe in various sectors of society.

Dana Liebelson | November 11, 2010

Webb on the Web: Get your reporting questions answered fast

Looking for an obscure source for a story? Trying to find some information on your beat?

Amy Webb, IJNet Digital Media Consultant | October 28, 2010

Free, easy chronology generator

If you're working on a reporting project or beat that requires you to keep track of many calendar events, you know how difficult it can be to keep your records straight.

Amy Webb, IJNet Digital Media Consultant | October 04, 2010

Multimedia content producer discusses new open source technology, Sunlight Live

In February, the U.S.-based Sunlight Foundation launched an interactive investigative reporting platform that incorporates live streaming video, research, blogging and social networking to report on government in Washington, D.C.

Dana Liebelson, IJNet Writer | September 28, 2010

For today's journalists, landing a job requires a "startup" mentality

When longtime newspaper journalist Steve Buttry decided he wanted to get involved in a new online news venture in Washington, D.C., he didn’t submit a resume, write an email or make a telephone call.

He sent a 140-character cover letter -- on Twitter -- to Jim Brady, the former executive editor of and the brains behind "TBD."

Jessica Weiss, IJNet Manager | September 28, 2010

New application monitors settlements in the Palestinian territories

A new web, iPhone and iPad application called Facts on the Ground uses mapping technologies to publicize news and information on Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Bassam Sebti, IJNet Arabic Editor | September 24, 2010

YouTube teams with Al Arabiya on Iraq interviews series

YouTube recently announced a partnership with Arabic TV news network Al Arabiya, its first-ever partnership with an Arab TV network. Together they will launch "Iraq Looks Forward," a series of interviews on YouTube in which Iraqi leaders answer viewers' questions about the future of the country.

Bassam Sebti, IJNet Arabic Editor | September 23, 2010