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Data Journalism

YouTube teams with Al Arabiya on Iraq interviews series

YouTube recently announced a partnership with Arabic TV news network Al Arabiya, its first-ever partnership with an Arab TV network. Together they will launch "Iraq Looks Forward," a series of interviews on YouTube in which Iraqi leaders answer viewers' questions about the future of the country.

بسام سبتي | September 23, 2010

Free software aids in research management for journalists

A free download is now available to help journalists organize information for stories. The software, "Journalist Information Management Tracking Software 3.0," provides a form of workflow lifecycle management for journalists to research and manage information.

Jessica Weiss | June 02, 2010

Social media tips for radio journalists

Radio journalists worldwide can now access British media trainer Justin Kings' top 10 tips for radio journalists on using social media.

Topics focus on issues including: how to maintain a dialogue between journalist and listener via Facebook and Twitter; consistency of the journalist's social media networks'; and much more.

بسام سبتي | April 13, 2010

Training videos on using Web tools launched in Arabic

Arab journalists interested in digital journalism can now benefit from a newly-launched video library with tutorial videos in Arabic.

The site, Technical Video, provides users with information on how to use the Web and its digital tools in different fields.

بسام سبتي | November 04, 2009

Investigative journalism: 2.0

In the age of the Internet, investigative reporting is being revamped. Whereas muckrakers of the past often worked alone, with just a notebook or recorder, many of today’s investigative journalists are working in regional and cross-border networks, aided by technologies and tools that are revolutionizing reporting.

Jessica Weiss, IJNet Editor | October 26, 2009

New Google tool will allow for collaborative viewing, editing

Journalists and editors will soon be given access to Google Wave, a free online tool that will provide users with a real time communication and collaboration environment.

Brian Dabbs | October 05, 2009

Webb on the Web: Three examples of traditional media using social tools effectively

We all know that social media tools, such as Facebook and SMS, have become popular. I'd like to show you three examples of folks I think are doing a good job and explain to you why I think they're having a positive impact.

Amy Webb, IJNet Digital Media Consultant | May 18, 2009

Webb on the Web: Google's Chrome, and What It Means for You

Google launched its new Chrome browser not too long ago. It's so far available in 100 countries for free for Windows users. (I'm told that versions for Apple and Linux users are forthcoming.)

Amy Webb, IJNet Digital Media Consultant | October 05, 2008

Webb on the Web: Getting Friendly...With FriendFeed

With the various new social networking tools, you may find it increasingly difficult to keep track of your various online personae and virtual friends. A relatively new tool called FriendFeed should help those of you with busy social networks.

Amy Webb, IJNet Digital Media Consultant | August 29, 2008