Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Site sorts fact from fiction in South Africa

How South Africa's nonprofit news site Africa Check, a winner of the inaugural African News Innovation Challenge, promotes accuracy in public debate.

Jessica Weiss | June 20, 2013

New resources, advice for citizen journalists

The women's media network World Pulse has released a slew of tipsheets for citizen journalists. Topics range from ethics to effective use of social media.

Jessica Weiss | June 13, 2013

How news organizations can use WeChat to reach users in China

The free text and voice message service for mobile phones can help news outlets broaden their audiences.

James Breiner | June 05, 2013

IJNet journalist of the month: Khaled Safi

Each month, IJNet features an international journalist who exemplifies the
profession and has used the site to further his or her career. This
month's journalist is Khaled Safi, a blogger and media activist who won
the 2012 prize for best Arabic blog in the Deutsche Welle competition.

IJNet | April 02, 2013

How can we measure the impact of journalism?

Media have only scratched the surface in assessing their value to the world.

Ben Colmery | March 15, 2013

Why it's time to rethink beat reporting

Traditional beat reporting means finding your sources, checking in for new information and reporting the stories you find. But is that the best way to meet the community's needs?

Margaret Looney | January 29, 2013

Journalists, technologists join forces to fill Morocco's digital information gap

Online journalist Chama Darchoul founded Hacks/Hackers chapters in Rabat and Casablanca in partnership with digital strategist Ayman Salah, a Knight International Journalism Fellow.

Alaa Chehayeb | January 21, 2013

Why journalists should value community over audience

For entrepreneurial journalists, building a community rather than an audience offers more options for financial support through memberships and sponsorships.

James Breiner | January 14, 2013

How citizens use mobile news to inform their communities in Indonesia

In West Borneo, Indonesia, palm oil farmers monitor big business and send the news they find to their fellow farmers via mobile phones. This fills an information void in a poor, rural community too often ignored by the country's mainstream media.

Jessica Weiss | December 27, 2012

Five tips for transmedia storytelling

With readers juggling their tablets, mobile phones, laptops and more as they consume the news, journalists have an opportunity to create a new kind of story.

Margaret Looney | December 18, 2012