Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism

How to boost citizen reporting

Citizen reports can bring context, nuance and a broader range of voices to the news. But most newsrooms could do more to engage the public in stories.

Jessica Weiss | July 05, 2013

How farmers use text messages to report the news in rural Indonesia

Nearly 200 indigenous farmers in remote villages are using cell phones to report on land grabbing, illegal logging and illicit land clearing.

Jessica Weiss | July 02, 2013

Women in rural India capture untold stories with video

How the Video Volunteers organization trains new reporters in shooting, editing and reporting to expose corruption and government neglect across 24 Indian states.

Paromita Pain | June 27, 2013

Want to map the powerful in your community, as Poderopedia does? There's a platform for that.

The Knight News Challenge-winning platform Poderopedia releases its Plug & Play version.

Miguel Paz | June 25, 2013

How EcoLab wants to reinvent environmental journalism

Journalists and technologists are collaborating to bring sensor reporting, crowdsourcing, mapping and more to coverage of the environment.

Jennifer Dorroh | June 24, 2013

New resources, advice for citizen journalists

The women's media network World Pulse has released a slew of tipsheets for citizen journalists. Topics range from ethics to effective use of social media.

Jessica Weiss | June 13, 2013

New platforms automate photo verification

Verifying photos is a vital practice. But increasingly, when it's not possible to confirm with someone on the ground, a machine can help.

Margaret Looney | May 08, 2013

Five tools from SXSW that could change how we gather and share the news

These apps and platforms make it easier for people to access quality information and participate in the news ecosystem.

Ben Colmery | March 27, 2013

Journalists should crowdsource environmental coverage

Citizens collecting data about the environment are giving scientists a richer trove of information to study. Here's how journalists should play a part in projects like this.

Gustavo Faleiros | February 01, 2013

Four TED Talks worth watching

These videos offer a snapshot of modern journalism, on topics that range from verifying social media content to investigating government corruption.

Margaret Looney | January 30, 2013