Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism

Brazil's Mural blog brings the 'outskirts' to the center of the conversation

For more than three years, the citizen-produced blog has practiced collaborative journalism, run away from stereotypes and sought quality in local coverage.

Izabela Moi | May 09, 2014

Eight tools that should be on every digital journalist's radar

Journalists and news organizations should try the tools on this list, which includes mobile video apps, data-crunching tools, social media trackers and more.

Eric Newton | April 21, 2014

Seven news outlets and projects that engage their communities

From surveys to crowdsourcing, news outlets around the world are experimenting with ways to engage their communities in newsgathering. Here are seven outstanding examples.

Jessica Weiss | April 18, 2014

New project New/s Disruptors will examine technology's impact on journalism

How technology disrupts the news, the ethics of Twitter, citizen journalism in Turkey and more are found in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by the Center for International Media Assistance.

IJNet | March 21, 2014

Why investigative journalists should know a thing or two about spycraft

Journalists mastering digital espionage, how tech is making it safer for Mexican reporters, media censorship protests in Turkey and more in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by the Center for International Media Assistance.

IJNet | February 21, 2014

A guide to using social media to report breaking news--without getting burned

The European Journalism Centre's new Verification Handbook is a free, online, "definitive guide to verifying digital content for emergency coverage."

Margaret Looney | January 28, 2014

Media literacy in the digital age

A new report examines efforts to teach citizens to not only understand the messages they encounter, but to become better content creators.

Jessica Weiss | December 03, 2013

Women in India use mobile news service to report incidents of rape

A community news outlet is giving a voice to victims of rape in a country where that crime is often swept under the rug.

Margaret Looney | November 27, 2013

Marguerite Sullivan: When anyone can be a journalist, media literacy is critical

Sullivan, outgoing director of the Center for International Media Assistance, talked with IJNet about the shifting media landscape, the importance of media literacy and the challenges independent media face.

Margaret Looney | October 04, 2013

Three tips for bringing a fresh perspective to your reporting

Whether you've been covering the same beat for years or are reporting on your hometown for the first time, it’s possible to miss a great story because you're too close to your subject.

Antigone Barton | September 26, 2013