Business of Journalism

Business of Journalism

Sponsored content presents opportunities, ethical concerns for newsrooms

With traditional advertising models falling flat, the news industry has to come up with new ways to make money. Is sponsored content the answer to sustainability?

Margaret Looney | May 22, 2013

Ten tips for starting a strong journalism association

Knight International Journalism Fellow Christopher Conte shares his tips for creating journalism associations that inform, instruct and inspire.

Christopher Conte | March 02, 2012

Five tips on blogging for journalism job hunters

A recent webchat with experts from The Guardian offered some great tips on how journalists can blog to find work. Here are IJNet's main takeaways.

Nicole Martinelli | September 26, 2011

The Economist hosts online debates on the future of news

Tom Standage, digital editor at The Economist, will be answering questions on Twitter about the future of news on Tuesday, July 12. It's the first in a series of virtual debates.

IJNet | July 08, 2011

What Mafia Wars can teach news sites about community building

News sites often seem interested only in earning eyeballs and getting readers to behave themselves on comment threads. But what if they harnessed passionate reader interest the way game communities do?

Nicole Martinelli | July 01, 2011

Media veteran says paywall future shaky

Readers may be grumbling about The New York Times' decision to implement digital subscriptions, but media professionals have their own concerns. IJNet spoke with Joel Hollander, chairman and chief executive officer of CBS Radio from 2005 to 2007, about the new paywall system.

Dana Liebelson | March 21, 2011

International survey of editors reveals optimistic media climate

The majority of editors are optimistic about the future of newspapers and don't view the development of new media as a threat to newsrooms, according to an international survey.

Dana Liebelson | October 14, 2010

8 free tools for journalist-entrepreneurs

Are you a journalist-entrepreneur, with a new business to launch? Whether you're planning a new mobile application or starting a consulting company, we have a list of free, must-use tools.

Amy Webb, IJNet Digital Media Consultant | September 20, 2010

Webb on the web: Updated workflow for online editorial content

A few years ago, I was meeting with a group of editors who wanted to use more multimedia elements (videos, timelines, interactive graphics) but said that their newsroom was too taxed. Their reporters were already so busy, how could they possibly find time to make slideshows or post entries to blogs?

Amy Webb, IJNet Digital Media Consultant | August 13, 2010

Webb on the web: project management tools for journalists

If you're a journalist working for a newsroom or media organization, you've likely discovered that project management can...

Amy Webb | July 09, 2010