Interactive map of European media landscape available

The "Media Landscapes" series covers 38 European countries and six European neighboring states. It reflects ongoing changes in both traditional and new media.

Dana Liebelson | January 20, 2011

In India, village women radio broadcasters address gender issues

The moment Rachna, 19, steps behind the microphone she is a changed person. Now a role model for girls in her village, she remembers a time when she was not even allowed to leave the house without a male escort. Today, of course, Rachna's voice is heard in every home in the remote corners of Lalitpur, a district in the impoverished, drought-affected Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh (UP), India's largest state.

Anjali Singh | January 11, 2011

Trainer's manual helps radio journalists report on HIV

Internews has developed a trainer's manual to help radio journalists report on HIV/AIDS.

Melina Koutsis | January 11, 2011

10 tips for producing radio bulletins

Putting together a radio news bulletin is not about making youself sound great. It has to be focused, digestible, easy to listen to and catch the attention of the audience. These 10 tips cover compiling a bulletin, presentation, format and writing style.

Beat Witschi | December 30, 2010

You know how to breathe ... right?

Breathing is the most important aspect of a broadcast voice because breathing is the energy for speech. If there's anything wrong with your energy source, you know that everything will suffer. Imagine trying to make a call on your cell phone when the battery is dead. No way, right? Well the same is true for speech. Without the energy of the breath, nothing performs as it should.

Ann S. Utterback, Ph.D. | October 21, 2010

Social media tips for radio journalists

Radio journalists worldwide can now access British media trainer Justin Kings' top 10 tips for radio journalists on using social media.

Topics focus on issues including: how to maintain a dialogue between journalist and listener via Facebook and Twitter; consistency of the journalist's social media networks'; and much more.

بسام سبتي | April 13, 2010

Liberia's 'Radio Life' builds community, supports peace

In rural Lofa County, Liberia, at the country's northernmost tip, local radio station manager QuaQua Miller is committed to building peace where civil war once raged. He travels from village to village on his "Radio Life" station scooter, fueled by the palm wine he is served, to hear what is on his people's minds.

Jessica Weiss | November 09, 2009

Free multi-track audio editor now available online

Journalists and editors can now access Myna, a free audio editing tool which lets users upload and edit multiple audio tracks.

Using Myna, users can either upload prerecorded audio clips or record new ones instantly, then add sound effects to them.

Myna is a product of Aviary, a suite of browser-based design tools, free to try.

بسام سبتي | September 30, 2009

As technology spreads, community radio stations reach the masses

In Kenya, where mobile telephone use has exploded in recent years, audiences of EcoNews Africa (ENA) radio are encouraged to call in to programs or text messages expressing their opinions.

Seth Palmer | June 15, 2009

Project in Bolivia aims to integrate rural and suburban radio stations

In Latin America, radio -- especially rural radio -- is facing huge challenges. As more people access information digitally, radio stations are seeking new ways to organize and broadcast content, despite a struggling infrastructure in many areas.

Monica Bentivegna | June 10, 2009