Radiotopia aims to make radio storytelling sustainable on the web

A new podcast network is working to create a model for sustaining quality, story-driven public radio across mobile, web and broadcast platforms.

Jessica Weiss | February 11, 2014

SoundCloud basics for journalists

From radio programming to crowdsourced audio, journalists and news organizations are using SoundCloud to create, share and collect audio clips. Here's how you can get started, even with no previous audio experience.

Jessica Weiss | December 07, 2012

Four tips for shooting video sequences

When shooting video, it's important to consider how subject activity, camera movement and shot angles will affect the audience. Here's how to effectively use basic sequencing in visual clips.

IJNet | November 14, 2012

Eight ways journalists can use SoundCloud

Journalists are using Web and mobile platform SoundCloud to share interview clips, search for sources, invite listeners to contribute and more.

Jessica Weiss | October 17, 2012

Community radio stations ride newly freed Arab airwaves

IJNet talked to Daoud Kuttab, general director of a new program supporting community radio in several Arab countries.

Natasha Tynes | March 21, 2012

Five tips from the red carpet for entertainment reporting

Star-studded red carpet arrivals of high-profile entertainment events often see heated competition among journalists. Maggie Ma, a Los Angeles-based journalist, shares her five top tips for successful entertainment reporting.

Andy Shuai Liu | February 20, 2012

Broadcast journalists: Eight skills for covering breaking news

When broadcast journalists get to work on breaking news, it’s a moment that always separates the mere readers from the true leaders. The best news anchors and “live” reporters make their work look easy, but it isn’t.

Jill Geisler | July 13, 2011

You've landed your first news job. Now what?

Getting there is half the fight. IJNet brings you 10 tips on how to succeed in your first news reporting job or internship.

Veronika Belenkaya | June 09, 2011

Budget cuts silence more BBC regional news services

Following budget cuts, the BBC silenced radio services in the Caribbean and in the Russian, Vietnamese and Mandarin languages.

Dana Liebelson | March 28, 2011

Sudan radio service solicits feedback via text messaging

From January 9 to 15, Southern Sudan held a referendum to decide if the region should become an independent state. It's essential to keep citizens informed of new developments during the voting period -- and one of the best ways to reach large numbers of people is through radio.

Anne-Ryan Heatwole | February 02, 2011