Hyperaudio platform makes it easier for reporters to match interview transcripts with audio and video

Hyperaudio co-founder Mark Boas presented the platform at the recent Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires Media Party.

Kristin Deasy | September 16, 2014

NPR debuts an app that tailors the radio to its listener

NPR bridges a gap between radio and digital, media innovations for an evolving audience, the possibility of a truncated New York Times and more are found in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by the Center for International Media Assistance.

IJNet | July 31, 2014

Tips and checklists for producing radio reports

The more planning you put into producing a radio news package, the better the finished piece is likely to be. Here's a detailed list of steps to follow.

David Brewer | July 29, 2014

How NPR's Next Generation Radio, which trains young journalists, has evolved since 2000

The leaders of a training project that lures talented college students, especially students of color, to public radio share their approach to teaching.

Doug Mitchell | July 16, 2014

BBC makes its training resources free to the public in 11 languages

If you're in the market for a free journalism education, hundreds of training materials are now at your disposal.

Margaret Looney | June 30, 2014

Six journalism opportunities to apply for in May

Ready to expand your journalism toolkit, take on a new beat or receive recognition for your work? Check out these promising courses, fellowships and competitions with deadlines in May. Each is open to journalists worldwide.

IJNet | April 23, 2014

Opening community radio with low-cost tech

In Latin America, as in much of the world, radio remains a primary medium for news consumption. Hacks/Hackers Chile is proving that new radio technologies need not be confusing or expensive.

Jessica Weiss | March 13, 2014

Radiotopia aims to make radio storytelling sustainable on the web

A new podcast network is working to create a model for sustaining quality, story-driven public radio across mobile, web and broadcast platforms.

Jessica Weiss | February 11, 2014

SoundCloud basics for journalists

From radio programming to crowdsourced audio, journalists and news organizations are using SoundCloud to create, share and collect audio clips. Here's how you can get started, even with no previous audio experience.

Jessica Weiss | December 07, 2012

Four tips for shooting video sequences

When shooting video, it's important to consider how subject activity, camera movement and shot angles will affect the audience. Here's how to effectively use basic sequencing in visual clips.

IJNet | November 14, 2012