How to make your podcast content stand out

Finding a target audience, choosing the right topics and perfecting your interviewing techniques are all essential to creating a podcast people want to listen to.

Margaret Looney | October 15, 2015

Five steps to making your first podcast

Podcast pros Michael O'Connell and Tiffany Campbell ran through the A-Zs for the latest audio craze at the Online News Association conference in Los Angeles. 

Margaret Looney | October 08, 2015

How New York Magazine took Instagram to the next level with its 'audiogram' experiment

We talked with the magazine's Engagement Editor Lainna Fader about the experiment's conception, process and results. 

Dena Levitz | August 17, 2015

How five news organizations are experimenting with Instagram

As the community of Instagram users continues to grow, sharing upwards of 55 million photos per day, many publications are embracing the photo-social platform’s value. Here are five notable projects. 

Dena Levitz | August 17, 2015

The Guardian's advice for turning blogging into a career

How to take blogging from hobby to livelihood, how the BBC overhauled its podcast-making process and more in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by the Center for International Media Assistance. 

IJNet | July 24, 2015

The Distance, an example of branded content that’s actually journalistically strong

A former Chicago Tribune business reporter now runs the editorially independent publication-turned-podcast, financially backed by Basecamp. 

Dena Levitz | July 06, 2015

An Atlanta newspaper is using Serial as inspiration for its own true crime podcast

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution created the Breakdown, a weekly podcast series profiling a 2006 criminal case in Georgia. 

Dena Levitz | June 24, 2015

NPR's Storytelling Lab started 'like a pop-up restaurant'

NPR's Michael May explains how public radio's Storytelling Lab works, why infographics are important and more in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by CIMA.

IJNet | June 19, 2015

WAN-IFRA's Trends in Newsrooms report: Five small outlets innovating in big ways

These newsrooms are profiled in the last chapter of the 103-page examination of the nine top newsroom trends of 2015. 

Margaret Looney | June 05, 2015

How community radio stations boost health coverage in Ethiopia

ICFJ Knight Fellow Elsabet Samuel Tadesse trained radio journalists to go local with their health stories, and has since seen a marked increase in health coverage across the region. 

Elsabet Samuel Tadesse | May 06, 2015