user-generated content

user-generated content

The top 3 ethical challenges journalists will face in 2017

From responsibly covering problematic officials' statements to dealing with graphic imagery, journalists will face plenty of ethical challenges in 2017. A new Ethical Journalism Network report offers guidance.

Elyssa Pachico | February 10, 2017

For media organizations, eyewitness content can be a competitive advantage

Increasingly, news outlets can use eyewitness content to their advantage — it's all a matter of knowing where to find it and how to fairly compensate those who create it.

Chia Lun Huang | March 30, 2016 connects journalists with verified protest footage

A look at how journalists can use — a new platform that curates, amplifies and verifies eyewitness footage — to tell crucial, underreported stories.

Sam Berkhead | March 18, 2016

Inside Newzulu’s plans to become the go-to platform for verified, crowdsourced content

By verifying citizen and freelance journalism before distributing it, Newzulu is a news wire that aims toward a more innovative business model, says Laura Placide, editor-in-chief.

Dena Levitz | March 02, 2016

How eyeWitness to Atrocities empowers journalists to record evidence of international crimes

Bridging the gap between eyewitnesses, journalists and authorities, eyeWitness to Atrocities enables users to capture and share footage with legal experts.

Jessica Weiss | February 03, 2016

WITNESS releases guidelines for ethically using eyewitness video footage

What do journalists need to know before using eyewitness footage as part of their coverage? A new guide from WITNESS breaks down the most important ethical issues.

Sam Berkhead | January 25, 2016

Two apps aim to develop a direct connection between citizen journalists and news outlets

Can startups encourage citizen journalists to monetize their photos and videos by sending them directly to news outlets? Two budding companies — Broadfy and Newsreps — are on a quest to find out.

Ashley Nguyen | March 12, 2015

Juggling ethical dilemmas of user-generated content in the newsroom

Journalists and digital media strategists from the BBC, AP and Google discussed hurdles to newsrooms publishing user-generated content without verification and accreditation at the International Newsroom Summit in Amsterdam.

Julie Posetti, Jessica Sparks and Alice Matthews | October 23, 2014

New ONA project calls for do-it-yourself codes of ethics for journalism

The Online News Association launches its “do-it-yourself” ethics code project, a mechanism to help news organizations, small startups and individual journalists and bloggers create their own codes of ethics.

Thomas Kent | May 14, 2014