How publishers are taking advantage of the new definition of online ad viewability

Some publishers are repositioning ads, removing ads and reducing load time of ads on their sites, while others are rethinking site design on a large scale.

Alexandra Northington | August 25, 2014

How digital startups can better deal with uncertainty

The best way to test a business idea is to put an early version of the product into the hands of the public, and examine how people use it.

James Breiner | July 14, 2014

More alternative revenue sources for digital news organizations

Learn about consulting services, direct sales of information products, and other alternative sources of revenue for your news outlet.

James Breiner | July 09, 2014

Alternative revenue sources for digital news organizations

Here are some creative ways that today's media businesses make money.

James Breiner | June 27, 2014

Cloud-based products help small South African publishers with content, ads

Local newspapers are using the Impreshin platform to manage content and advertising without investing in expensive information systems.

Jessica Weiss | April 03, 2014

Mobile presents strong audience and revenue potential for digital entrepreneurs

Now that social networks like Facebook and Twitter get nearly three-fourths of their traffic from mobile devices, digital media publishers who optimize for mobile can see growth from social media.

James Breiner | March 26, 2014

Four myths about how site visitors view your content

Why conventional thinking about web traffic and engagement is wrong

Kyle Jameson | March 17, 2014

Social network Reddit offers live-reporting feature

Live-blogging for breaking news, deciphering the role of the social media editor, advertising for local news and more from this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by the Center for International Media Assistance.

IJNet | February 28, 2014

Why a tech news site is creating a paper magazine for SXSW

Laura Lorek's SiliconHillsNews raised money on Kickstarter to publish a print magazine to hand out at one of the most tech-savvy conferences on the planet.

Jessica Weiss | February 28, 2014

Seven mobile statistics that should spur digital publishers to action

The year of mobile has finally arrived. Here are some numbers that should prompt digital media publishers to look at their mobile strategies and take action.

James Breiner | February 24, 2014