Human Rights

Human Rights

Consortium offers 'lifeline' for at-risk journalists

How journalists and news organizations working in high-risk environments can seek out the Lifeline Embattled CSO Fund for a variety of services.

Jacqueline Strzemp | April 12, 2017

U.N. human rights council takes steps to protect journalists

The U.N.’s new resolution to safeguard journalists, Facebook’s editorial responsibilities and more in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by the Center for International Media Assistance.

IJNet | September 30, 2016

Women in India use mobile news service to report incidents of rape

A community news outlet is giving a voice to victims of rape in a country where that crime is often swept under the rug.

Margaret Looney | November 27, 2013

Five journalism opportunities to apply for in December

Check out these courses, fellowships and competitions open to journalists worldwide.

IJNet | November 22, 2013

Six journalism opportunities to apply for in November

Check out these courses, fellowships and competitions open to journalists worldwide.

IJNet | October 25, 2013

A new toolkit for journalists covering human rights issues

Internews recently released a web resource titled "Speak up, speak out: A toolkit for reporting on human rights issues." Here are IJNet's main takeaways.

Margaret Looney | March 23, 2012

Startup Newsmotion gains traction with Kickstarter

IJNet talks to Newsmotion founder Julian Rubinstein about what's next for this ambitious startup.

Nicole Martinelli | December 09, 2011

Meet the man steering social media to challenge Saudi ban on women drivers

To challenge Saudi Arabia's ban on women driving, activists got behind the wheel this summer -- and in front of their computer and smart phone screens with a social media campaign. IJNet talked to Ali AlAhmad, a Saudi journalist, researcher and activist about the campaign.

Heba Albiety | August 08, 2011

Journalist released from Guantanamo optimistic about press freedom

Sami Alhaj, the only journalist inmate at Guantanamo, is part of a team now working to shape the norms of journalism in the Arab region.

IJNet Staff | May 05, 2011

TV drama uses soccer to promote social change

While millions around the world watch their favorite soccer teams compete in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, another “team” is tackling social issues in the African nation of Kenya.

tjarrett | June 30, 2010