Digital Journalism

Digital Journalism

Maximizing multimedia in online news

Making the most of multimedia on the web involves thinking differently about how information is presented and where it is placed. As more and more media organizations offer converged news offerings, journalists are being asked to use new tools and apply new techniques.

Rob Winder | April 19, 2011

20 tips for managing a website homepage

A website's homepage is there to drive users deeper, not drive them away. Managing a homepage requires a blend of awareness of the audience need, planning, attention to detail, editorial flair and adaptability.

Ian Davies | April 14, 2011

Managing a news website - the basics

Like all 24-hour news products, online journalism has no beginning and no end. Newspapers and magazines have editions, traditional radio and TV stations have news bulletins and news programmes, but 24-hour news operations, be they on-air, or online, just keep rolling along.

David Brewer | April 06, 2011

Crowdsourced news site aims to find common ground in Middle East, Africa

The 1001 Stories of Common Ground website launched April 5 as a collaborative hub for news from the Middle East and North Africa.

مي اليان | April 05, 2011

"Epic" Internet meme brings levity to Libya crisis

Although civil war is no laughing matter, a new Internet meme is provoking chuckles while keeping Libya in the spotlight. IJNet tracked down the student behind the "Epic Libyan" social media trend to ask why he does it.

Nicole Martinelli | April 04, 2011

Journalist responds to churnalism story

IJNet contacted a reporter from The Guardian about her story that appeared on, a website about cut-and-paste journalism.

Dana Liebelson | March 24, 2011

Social media shortcuts for journalists

Social media can help you do much more than connect with old friends. Here are shortcuts for journalists who want to get interviews, sources and stories using Facebook, Twitter and more.

Nicole Martinelli | March 18, 2011

Building trust and credibility with an online audience

Doreen Marchionni spent the last four years studying how journalists can boost their credibility and engagement with digital audiences. She found the simple secret: Interact online and be human.

Damon Kiesow | March 16, 2011

5 ways to find sources online

Journalists used to have to put on their boots to find sources. Now they can gather interviews and sources by sending e-mails. These five websites offer journalists easy and free access to sources, experts and even story ideas.

Dana Liebelson | March 09, 2011

IJNet journalist of the month: Ana Puod

This month’s journalist, Ana Puod, works for one of the Philippines’ top broadcasting networks, ABC Broadcasting Corporation (TV5). She is involved in both the news and current affairs departments.

Dana Liebelson | March 04, 2011