Digital Journalism

Digital Journalism

Iamnews interfaces between publishers and contributors

This is the fifth installment of an IJNet interview series that takes an in depth look at the operations of various online news platforms, shedding light on the future of global media as envisioned by thought-leaders around the world.

Zul Maidy, IJNet Writer | May 26, 2009

Experts weigh in on the future of news delivery

In IJNet's current poll, we ask you to predict how most people will receive the news in your region in five years -- print, television/radio, online or on a cell phone.

Jessica Weiss | February 22, 2009

Panel says new media model holds promise for international journalists

The global economic crisis is shrinking newsrooms. The reduced ranks of professional journalists now find themselves in serious competition with an ever-expanding crop of citizen journalists and bloggers.

Renata Johnson, IJNet writer | December 18, 2008

Webb on the Webb: Mobilecasting - Broadcast right from your phone!

For those of you coveting all the new video cameras on the market but bemoaning your budgets, consider the newest trend in digital video: Mobilecasting! If you have a camera in your phone and a desire to broadcast breaking news or other events, it's easy to live-stream content to any number of websites. Better yet?

Amy Webb, IJNet Digital Media Consultant | December 15, 2008

Webb on the Web: 2D Barcodes for Health...

First, a quick review: Two-dimensional barcodes can be encoded with various data (phone numbers, text, photos, URLs, etc.) and "scanned" using the camera on a mobile phone. Think of them as print hyperlinks.

Amy Webb, IJNet Digital Media Consultant | December 08, 2008

Webb on the Web: Convert Your Newsroom Staff - Part Two

Last week, I talked about ways to convert any staff into digital adopters. This week, I offer five more strategies to try in your newsroom.

Amy Webb, IJNet Digital Media Consultant | November 03, 2008

Online tool allows citizens in crisis to bear witness, report the news

When violence broke out in Kenya following the nation's highly disputed December 2007 presidential election, concerned Kenyan blogger and activist Ory Okolloh began blogging exhaustively about the situation on the ground and highlighting the concerns and hopes of her people.

Jessica Weiss, IJNet Editor | September 19, 2008

Webb on the Web: Make Your Own Search Engine: A how-to guide

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to visit a custom-built search engine as you start to work on your next story? A search engine that would only look through the sources that you specify or sources that you know will return results?

Amy Webb, IJNet Digital Media Consultant | September 05, 2008

Webb on the Web: Q & A With Pandora CEO

The big news in multimedia these days is Pandora. You may not have seen the service, because it's not yet legal outside of the United States. But those who follow digital trends definitely will have heard of the Internet radio station that learns your music preferences and streams music that you'll like.

Amy Webb, IJNet Digital Media Consultant | August 25, 2008