Data Journalism

Data Journalism

How to verify news accounts posted on social media

Blogger Jeff Sonderman details how, when and what one should do with reports on social media.

Jeff Sonderman | July 20, 2011

Online resources for business journalists covering Asia

IJNet senior Chinese editor Yolanda Ma spoke at the Financial Media Institute 2011 at Hong Kong Baptist University. Here are her top tips for business reporting on Hong Kong and Greater China.

Yolanda Jinxin Ma | July 18, 2011

Broadcast journalists: Eight skills for covering breaking news

When broadcast journalists get to work on breaking news, it’s a moment that always separates the mere readers from the true leaders. The best news anchors and “live” reporters make their work look easy, but it isn’t.

Jill Geisler, Poynter | July 13, 2011

Virtual newsroom seeks freelancers to expand worldwide

While most newsrooms are shedding staff, a virtual newsroom in the United States seeks freelance journalists and video makers.

Veronika Belenkaya | June 28, 2011

6 tech tools to improve your online journalism skills

Web journalism professor Robert Hernandez recently led a Twitter chat on Tech Tools for Web Journalists. IJNet found these six tools to be the top takeaways.

Veronika Belenkaya | June 14, 2011

Six tips for journalists on using Facebook for reporting

IJNet attended the Facebook for Journalists Meetup in Washington and came away with these tips on how to harness the power of this social media giant for your reporting.

Natasha Tynes | June 07, 2011

5 LinkedIn tips for freelance journalists

As part of IJNet's ongoing series of tips for using social media, we took part in a seminar for journalists from social networking colossus LinkedIn. Here are our top five tips for freelancers.

Nicole Martinelli | June 03, 2011

WSJ's SafeHouse: Why it's not a WikiLeaks killer

The Wall Street Journal launched a new digital drop box for whistleblowers called SafeHouse.
IJNet spoke to two experts about what it means for journalists and why it won't kill WikiLeaks.

Nicole Martinelli and Dana Liebelson | May 06, 2011

News outlets use Storify to gather tsunami info

Reporters around the world woke up to the news of Japan's 8.9 earthquake and tsunami. Almost as quickly as events unfolded, they started gathering information with social media and digital tools to give readers video, pictures, vox pops and more.

Nicole Martinelli | March 11, 2011

New York Times may create portal for WikiLeaks-style submissions

The New York Times may create an in-house submission system to enable would-be leakers to provide large files to the paper.

بسام سبتي | January 26, 2011