Community Engagement

Community Engagement

BuzzFeed CEO: 'There's a way to internationalize that didn't exist before'

Socially driven site BuzzFeed has the global reach of social media to thank for its international expansion.

Margaret Looney | February 06, 2014

A guide to using social media to report breaking news--without getting burned

The European Journalism Centre's new Verification Handbook is a free, online, "definitive guide to verifying digital content for emergency coverage."

Margaret Looney | January 28, 2014

BBC News launches video experiment on Instagram

To try to reach news consumers on the go, BBC News' Instafax offers three videos recapping the major headlines of the day.

Margaret Looney | January 22, 2014

How the Planet Money T-shirt project explained the global economy, engaged its audience

National Public Radio's multimedia, multi-platform project offers a lens on how the global economy works.

Jessica Weiss | January 13, 2014

Twitter tips from The New York Times social media team

Managers of @nytimes, which boasts more than 10 million followers, share lessons gleaned from the account's most popular tweets of 2013.

Margaret Looney | January 06, 2014

Local newspaper discovers new revenue source in police blotter

How a small-town paper in the U.S. state of Montana made US$100,000 by publishing a book of arrest records.

James Breiner | December 26, 2013

Measuring the analytics that really matter for journalists

Forget unique visitors and page views. Focus on measuring engagement and loyalty to get a real idea of how your audience feels about your content.

James Breiner | December 23, 2013

Media literacy in the digital age

A new report examines efforts to teach citizens to not only understand the messages they encounter, but to become better content creators.

Jessica Weiss | December 03, 2013

Women in India use mobile news service to report incidents of rape

A community news outlet is giving a voice to victims of rape in a country where that crime is often swept under the rug.

Margaret Looney | November 27, 2013

To know your audience, you have to speak their language

To tap into the subtle differences in ethnic groups, journalists must understand their audience's aspirations, passions, fears, culture and language.

James Breiner | October 29, 2013