Journalists leave ProPublica to start newsroom dedicated to technnology's impact on society

Investigative journalists leave ProPublica to start a newsroom dedicated to the intersection of journalism and technology.

Laura Hazard Owen, Nieman Lab | April 13, 2018

Newsrooms employ new tactics to connect with audiences

How can news organizations involve their audiences with all aspects of the news production process? Here are some examples of how it's been done.

Kunal Ranjan | May 10, 2017

How ProPublica produces investigative journalism that's both high quality and sustainable

At a recent University of Navarra event, ProPublica's Paul Steiger outlined the company's secrets to success — and discussed how smaller newsrooms can replicate them.

James Breiner | February 09, 2016

ProPublica launches 'dark web' version of its site to preserve anonymity for readers

ProPublica launches the first news site on the "dark web," the debut of livestreaming tool MeVee, and more in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by the CIMA. 

IJNet | January 08, 2016

The shocking costs of pursuing data journalism — and how newsrooms can afford them

Accessing the data needed to pursue data journalism is notoriously expensive. Can today’s newsrooms keep up with the cost?

Sam Berkhead | September 30, 2015

ProPublica's Amanda Zamora: Five questions to ask when crowdsourcing an investigation

At the recent Media Party in Buenos Aires, ProPublica's Amanda Zamora explained how to get the public to contribute when conducting investigations.

Ana Prieto | September 14, 2015

ProPublica's Amanda Zamora: For best engagement results, create communities

ProPublica's Senior Engagement Editor Amanda Zamora shares her organization's social media successes and which news outlets' social strategies she's watching.

Angelique Lu | July 01, 2015

Nonprofit journalism: A model that’s here to stay — and spread

The Center for International Media Assistance hosted a panel discussing the past, present and future of nonprofit journalism in the United States and abroad.

Ashley Nguyen | March 26, 2015

Snapchat Discover prompts newsrooms to think mobile-first

Trushar Barot discusses Snapchat's new Discover feature, other examples of newsrooms using chat apps around the world, and how analytics fit in to these experiments. 

Natasha Tynes | February 05, 2015

ProPublica experiments with WhatsApp to engage Liberian citizens around latest investigation

After launching its investigation on the American company Firestone's role in Liberia's civil wars in the 1990s, the news site is using the chat app to start a conversation around the story.

Margaret Looney | November 24, 2014