Planting and nurturing the seeds of data journalism in Panama

Journalists and newsrooms in Panama are learning about and embracing data-driven reporting.

Sandra Crucianelli | June 13, 2014

World Cup coverage highlights need for security protocols and training for journalists

Covering an event like the World Cup is an enormous task for any news organization, but the social instability in Brazil has forced journalists to focus on something more than goals and cheering fans.

Javier Garza | June 10, 2014

A land of opportunity in digital news

Media entrepreneurs in Buenos Aires are learning how to measure and achieve success.

James Breiner | June 04, 2014

Brazil's Mural blog brings the 'outskirts' to the center of the conversation

For more than three years, the citizen-produced blog has practiced collaborative journalism, run away from stereotypes and sought quality in local coverage.

Izabela Moi | May 09, 2014

Press freedom threatened by digital attacks [World Press Freedom Day]

Journalists and bloggers who try to reveal corruption, electoral rigging and inefficient public policies become the target of digital warfare.

Jorge Luis Sierra | May 02, 2014

Venezuela Decoded helps sort conflicting accounts of news on the ground

The online platform helps make sense of reports about Venezuela's ongoing civil unrest.

John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships | April 25, 2014

Why 'news nerds' are an essential part of quality reporting

More nerds in the newsroom, fewer consultants, data journalism for hire and more predictions for journalism in 2014.

Miguel Paz | January 01, 2014

New tool empowers a citizen journalism community in Mozambique

Citizen Desk enables news organizations to more effectively incorporate citizen journalism into their work.

Jessica Weiss | July 08, 2013