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Five questions all journalists should ask themselves about their digital security

The first step to using digital media more safely is to identify potential threats or points of weakness in how you use your devices and tools. 

Javier Garza | November 17, 2014

How to talk about digital security so journalists will listen

Most reporters are skeptical about their need to adopt security measures, but here are some approaches to take when educating colleagues or others about digital security. 

Javier Garza | October 08, 2014

Handbook helps Latin American journalists understand and work with data

In Latin America, producing data journalism is often difficult due to a simple fact: Data is not that easy to get here. A new handbook aims to help the region’s journalists understand and work with data in this sometimes-tricky context.

Jessica Weiss | October 03, 2014

Five new strategies for digital storytelling in Africa

How to make the most of the growth in publicly available data, ideas for getting wider reach on social media and more strategies for digital storytelling from the recent African Story Challenge boot camp.

Patrick Butler and Kendall McCabe | September 29, 2014

'Throw away great content' and other surprising lessons from Marrakech Story Camp

Here are tips for producing stories that create an impact while avoiding the potential pitfalls of a large, ambitious journalism project.

Tosin Sulaiman | September 15, 2014

Census Reporter is an 'evangelical tool to make journalists want to use data more'

The new platform makes reporting on census data easier and encourages collaboration among journalists.

Kristin Deasy | September 08, 2014

Community-building tips for newsrooms

Community engagement specialist Jeanne Brooks shared her advice at the recent Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires Media party.

Kristin Deasy | September 04, 2014

Nine tips for talking with potential investors

What is an investor in early-stage news media looking for? What does a journalist or team of journalists need in order to generate venture capital interest? Here are nine tips to keep in mind.

Mariano Blejman | July 03, 2014

Top Android apps for citizen journalists and mobile reporters in tough environments

A journalism trainer recommends the best apps for crowdsourced reporting, editing on the go, keeping your mobile device secure and more.

Jessica Weiss | June 12, 2014

How to counter 'poverty fatigue' when covering development and health

South African journalist Rebecca Davis, winner of the African Story Challenge's health reporting contest, talks about what it takes to draw in readers.

IJNet | May 21, 2014