Mariano Blejman

Mariano Blejman

Nine tips for talking with potential investors

What is an investor in early-stage news media looking for? What does a journalist or team of journalists need in order to generate venture capital interest? Here are nine tips to keep in mind.

Mariano Blejman | July 03, 2014 platform helps journalists automatically analyze thousands of documents

Journalists can use to find patterns in events and information more quickly and easily.

Mariano Blejman | June 05, 2014

A land of opportunity in digital news

Media entrepreneurs in Buenos Aires are learning how to measure and achieve success.

James Breiner | June 04, 2014

The Money Trail, a regional hackathon for tracking the flow of currency

Hacks/Hackers Latin America will host a regional hackathon June 7, during which participants in 14 cities will create projects to track the flow of money from place to place.

Mariano Blejman | May 29, 2014

Three projects that aim to reinvent the news in Latin America receive Media Factory funding

Media Factory, a startup accelerator which focuses exclusively on the business of online news and journalism, has chosen its first class of entrepreneurs.

Mariano Blejman | May 26, 2014