Mariano Blejman

Mariano Blejman

Hyperaudio platform makes it easier for reporters to match interview transcripts with audio and video

Hyperaudio co-founder Mark Boas presented the platform at the recent Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires Media Party.

Kristin Deasy | September 16, 2014

Census Reporter is an 'evangelical tool to make journalists want to use data more'

The new platform makes reporting on census data easier and encourages collaboration among journalists.

Kristin Deasy | September 08, 2014

Community-building tips for newsrooms

Community engagement specialist Jeanne Brooks shared her advice at the recent Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires Media party.

Kristin Deasy | September 04, 2014

Five projects that 'Follow the Money' in Latin America receive HacksLabs funding

Five data-driven projects produced during the regional hackathon La Ruta de Dinero (The Money Trail) will receive support from HacksLabs, the first accelerator of data journalism projects in Latin America.

Mariano Blejman | July 22, 2014

Nine tips for talking with potential investors

What is an investor in early-stage news media looking for? What does a journalist or team of journalists need in order to generate venture capital interest? Here are nine tips to keep in mind.

Mariano Blejman | July 03, 2014 platform helps journalists automatically analyze thousands of documents

Journalists can use to find patterns in events and information more quickly and easily.

Mariano Blejman | June 05, 2014

A land of opportunity in digital news

Media entrepreneurs in Buenos Aires are learning how to measure and achieve success.

James Breiner | June 04, 2014

The Money Trail, a regional hackathon for tracking the flow of currency

Hacks/Hackers Latin America will host a regional hackathon June 7, during which participants in 14 cities will create projects to track the flow of money from place to place.

Mariano Blejman | May 29, 2014

Three projects that aim to reinvent the news in Latin America receive Media Factory funding

Media Factory, a startup accelerator which focuses exclusively on the business of online news and journalism, has chosen its first class of entrepreneurs.

Mariano Blejman | May 26, 2014

HacksLabs aims to accelerate data journalism in Latin America

The first incubator for data-driven journalism in Latin America will grant a total of US$100,000 to projects in the region.

Mariano Blejman | April 10, 2014