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By Sam Berkhead

Journalist of the month: Wade C.L. Williams

By Ashley Nguyen

10 essential tools every investigative reporter should be using

By Zita Evangeline Campbell & Line Løtveit

Backpack journalist Pierre Kattar on how to create engaging video content

By Sam Berkhead

Communicating complex ideas to the public? Here's how to achieve simplicity

By Catherine Gicheru

Google puts US$170 million toward digital news innovation

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ICFJ Knight roundup: NarcoData conducts deep investigation into Mexican cartels

By Jefferson Mok

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Advertisements organizes conference on digital journalism trends

Hear from digital media experts from The Wall Street Journal, The Times and Sunday Times and the BBC at's news:rewired event Dec. 1 in London.

Bringing Home the World: International Reporting Fellowship Program for Minority Journalists

Minority journalists: apply by March 27 to report overseas in a country of your choosing.

One-year journalism fellowship at Stanford with emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership

Join the journalism revolution. Become a JSK Fellow at Stanford. Each year we select eight international journalists, along with 12 from the U.S., to spend a year exploring a particular industry challenge. Fellows have the resources of a great university and Silicon Valley as they develop ideas to meet those challenges.

New Opportunities by Region


Travel scholarship to science awards in Norway available [Worldwide]

The World Federation of Science Journalists is selecting five journalists to attend the Kavli Prizes Ceremony and Symposia in Oslo.

Deadline: 12/15/2015

ICFJ, WHO offer webinar for journalists on road safety [Worldwide]

Journalists worldwide can join a free webinar featuring the latest information on road safety around the world.

Deadline: 11/12/2015

Journalism conference calls for papers [Worldwide]

The International Symposium on Online Journalism seeks research papers on any aspect of online journalism.

Deadline: 01/06/2017

Documentary festival accepting submissions [Worldwide]

Documentarians can submit their work to the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival.

Deadline: 12/09/2015

International reporting trip available [Worldwide]

Journalists from developing countries and the German state of North-Rhine-Westphalia can apply for an exchange program.

Deadline: 11/30/2017

Longform essay competition open [Worldwide]

Writers ages 35 and younger can compete for the 2015 Bodley Head/Financial Times Essay Prize.

Deadline: 11/29/2015

Rockefeller Bellagio residency program open [Worldwide]

The program offers a serene setting conducive to focused, goal-oriented work in Italy.

Deadline: 12/01/2017


Deadline approaching: Mandela Washington Fellowship [Africa]

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) will bring 700 young leaders to the United States in summer 2018 for academic coursework and leadership training.

Deadline: 10/11/2017

Asia Pacific

Internews seeks project director [Central Asia]

Media specialists from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan who are fluent in English and Russian can apply for this position in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Graduate fellowships available [Indonesia]

Graduates ages 35 and younger can apply to spend a year as pre-doctoral researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago.

Deadline: 12/31/2016


Film festival open [Central, Eastern Europe]

Festival goEast, organized by the German Film Institute, will take place April 18 to 24, 2018 in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Deadline: 12/31/2017

Thomson Reuters offers course on economic, political reporting [Southeast Europe]

Journalists with at least two years of experience can attend a training program in London and Berlin.

Deadline: 02/13/2017

One World Media organizes workshops on international reporting [UK]

Journalism professionals, students and recent graduates interested in the processes and problems of delivering international content can attend workshops Sept. 28, Oct. 3, Oct. 10 and Nov. 10 in London.

Latin America

Red Cross offers course on armed conflict and International Humanitarian Law [Colombia]

This free training is aimed at journalists working in Bogotá and covering topics related to the armed conflict and the Colombia peace process.

Deadline: 11/06/2015

Workshop helps bring news projects to fruition [Mexico]

Participants will have the opportunity to develop their own ideas and learn from successful young professionals from various journalism fields.

Deadline: 11/05/2015

Contest recognizes human rights reporting [Brazil]

Journalists and students can submit works on this year's theme, "Human rights and the fight against all forms of violence."

Deadline: 11/20/2017

Globo Network offers internship [Brazil]

Journalism students who will graduate in December 2018 or December 2019 can apply for an internship in 2018.

Deadline: 09/28/2017

Middle East

Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study program open [Jordan]

Students ages 15 to 18.5 can apply to study and live in the United States with an American family for one year.

Deadline: 12/10/2015

US and Canada

Center for Investigative Reporting to host Butler Koshland fellow [US]

Professionals with at least three years of experience in a digital-first, fast-paced media organization can apply for this fellowship in Emeryville, California.

Deadline: 11/23/2015

National Press Foundation offers training on aging workforce [US]

Journalists interested in the latest data and research on older workers can apply for an all-expenses-paid fellowship to attend a four-day seminar in Washington.

Deadline: 01/08/2018

Thomson Reuters offers editorial traineeship [US, Canada]

Early-career journalists can apply for this program in New York, Washington, Chicago and Toronto.

Deadline: 11/15/2015

New York Media offers internship [US]

Budding journalists can apply for the Junior Reporting-Writing Internship program in New York.

Deadline: 11/15/2015

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