Tips for writing social news

Tips for writing social news

Jessica Weiss | November 07, 2008

Interested in being published on the front pages of Digg, Reddit and other social news sites? Here are seven simple tips for writing social news that will help drive more visitors to your site while maintaining integrity and professionalism. 1.    Write solid headlinesHeadlines should be short and concise. Use questions or statements to keep readers wanting more.2.    Use listsList-style articles are easy to read and convey a lot of information fast.3.    Use subheads/formattingSubheads highlight key elements of the story without forcing the reader to get through the entire work. 4.    Use imagesImages provide visual appeal and give social news sites something to use for a thumbnail.5.    Focus more on technologyTechnology stories are popular on social news sites, so try incorporating a technology element into your news stories. 6.    Use linksThe use of links alerts other webmasters about your content which, in turn, may get them to help promote your article. 7.    Think of keywordsRepeat key words related to your content. This will help your articles rank well in search engines.

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