New multilingual platform offers self-directed journalism courses

New multilingual platform offers self-directed journalism courses

| January 07, 2011

A partnership between the Poynter Institute and the International Center for Journalists has launched the multilingual News University International. This new online platform offers interactive, self-directed courses for journalists, journalism students, bloggers and anyone else interested in improving their media skills.

NewsU International customizes Poynter's News University e-learning courses so that they are culturally and professionally relevant for international users. The partnership’s first offerings include Persian courses on effective multimedia storytelling and understanding the language of images. New courses in Russian will launch soon. For future courses, ICFJ and Poynter will continue to work with a variety of local partners and together seek funding for additional courses in languages such as Arabic, Chinese and Spanish.

The partnership builds on NewsU's unparalleled online-learning expertise and ICFJ's global reach and vast experience in training journalists around the world.

Begun in 2005 with generous support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Poynter's News University currently has more than 170,000 registered users, including 15 percent from outside North America.

For 26 years, ICFJ has worked directly with more than 65,000 journalists from 180 countries. ICFJ also runs the International Journalists' Network, IJNet, the premier global website for journalists and media managers to learn about training and networking opportunities.


Getting started

How do I ge involved?

Getting started

Thanks for your interest! Currently NewsU offers courses in Persian. Soon we'll offer Russian courses as well. We'll announce new courses on IJNet as they become available, so please keep checking back and subscribe to our weekly newsletter to be alerted by email:


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