Liveblogging platform to offer marketplace for freelancers

Liveblogging platform to offer marketplace for freelancers

Dana Liebelson | December 30, 2010

Freelance journalists will soon be able to earn money for covering events in real time. ScribbleLive's new online platform, which will be launched in 2011, aims to open a new market for journalists by syndicating live coverage to media organizations.

The model was created by ScribbleLive, a liveblogging platform. The site has already launched a marketplace for several media organizations (including Thomson Reuters, NBC, ABC and CBS), but the new platform will allow individual subscribers to also contribute their own coverage. News organizations can then seek out freelancers worldwide who cover specific topics or events.

For example, during protests in Bangkok, Thailand last May, Reuters used ScribbleLive to quickly gather relevant content while maintaining a strong editorial voice. The technology was used to bridge the gap between real-time content and polished reporting.

The individual freelancer’s plan costs US$19.95 per month. The syndicated content is currently offered for free, but ScribbleLive will launch its revenue sharing model in January or February, 2011.


Very good initiative. Parvez Babul, Bangladesh

Thank you for taking this very good initiative! Many freelancers of the world will be able to use their merits through this reporting. Good luck. Parvez Babul, journalist and columnist; Bangladesh.

Liveblogging platform to offer marketplace for freelancers

That sounds wonderful and revolutionary too. I hope it would enhance the scope of freelance journalism.
I would love to be considered for reporting from Islamabad.

M Emran Gauher
Islamabad based Journalist.

Great, I´m here

It´s a fantastic opportunity for freelancers all over the world. Great! Keep me in mind. I´m based in Caracas. My email is and my twitter is @EuLedezma

Great. I´m in Caracas

Congrats! It is a great opportunity for freelancers all over the world. Keep me in mind I´m based in Caracas, Venezuela My email is and twitter is @EuLedezma Cheers

best offer great i m hare

it is best opportunity for freelancher all over world wide great .my id. gandhidham(gujrat)india

An opportunity not to be missed

Congrats,many of us will benefit,journalist based in Botswana,Southern Africa.wish you a good new year.for any news email me at

Hey Congrats!It's a good

Hey Congrats!It's a good idea!I'm a freelance journalist and it will be very useful for my search!

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I look forward to this application.Its tough being a freelancer.I hope this helps me achieve my goals and ultimately pay my bills.
Lawrence Nwankwo,Nigeria

Its great Initiative Bishnu Sharma

I would like to say thank you for your nice idea. As a freelance journalist I am very interested to work.
Bishnu Sharma Journalist; Nepal


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