Join the IJNet Collaborative Translation Project


Join the IJNet Collaborative Translation Project

IJNet | July 11, 2013

We are excited to announce the launch of the IJNet Collaborative Translation Project, a project that will extend our resources further and help us reach more journalists across the globe.

IJNet has created training video resources that have been widely shared by our users.

From tips on how to become a backpack journalist to how to get started with WordPress, our videos have proven to be a great resource for journalists and bloggers from all over the world.

We want to expand our video resources further and, for that, we need your help.

We are launching the IJNet Collaborative Translation Project, a crowdsourcing project to translate videos from English to other languages.

As part of our beta testing, we’ve chosen two videos to start with: Tips for Editing award-Winning Visual Sequences and Fundamentals of Shooting Visual Sequences, produced by media trainer David Burns for IJNet.

We’ve uploaded these videos to Amara, a crowdsourcing platform that easily allows users to translate and caption videos. Amara has been used by Twitter, TED, Mozilla, PBS Newshour, and many other companies.

If you speak English and one of these languages (Portuguese, Russian, Arabic or Spanish) and want to help IJNet, please consider translating our training resources.

To help us translate a video, just go to and type the titles of the videos in the search box or follow this link. You can work on an existing translation by clicking on “Improve this translation” or start a new one. Once you’re done typing the text into your language, you’ll need to sync it. After you do that and check your work, the video should be ready.

After the video is ready, we will upload it to our video channel and share it with the IJNet community.

And most importantly, let us know how you helped us via Twitter, Facebook or by using our contact form, and we’ll add your name and Twitter handle to our credits.

Photo: CC-Licensed, courtesy of Tom Magliery on Flickr.


English-French translation

Can English-French Translation be part of your project? If so,I will be glad to be part of it.

We won't be doing

We won't be doing English-French translation yet. We are translating the videos into IJNet languages. We will make an announcement whenever we decide to incorporate other languages to the project.

Translation to Romanian

What about Romanian? If you're interested, I could help. Plus, it also applies to Republic of Moldova.

Thanks for offering! We won't

Thanks for offering! We won't be translating the videos into Romanian this time, but maybe later on.

English into Spanish

NO problem, I will be glad to collaborate!

English to Spanish

I'd love to help with translation from English to Spanish. How can I start?


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