BBC makes its training resources free to the public in 11 languages

BBC makes its training resources free to the public in 11 languages

Margaret Looney | June 30, 2014

If you're in the market for a free journalism education, hundreds of training materials are now at your disposal.

The BBC's College of Journalism made a slew of videos and guides - initially created to train its own journalists - available to reporters worldwide for free.

You can watch videos and tutorials made by BBC journalists in the field on journalists' safety, social media, multimedia techniques, as well as subject and writing style guides galore. Check out the whole library here.

The resources are already available in 11 languages - Arabic, Burmese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Hausa, Pashto, Persian, Russian, Swahili, Urdu and Vietnamese, and cover "the essential editorial skills that journalists working in the BBC World Service language departments use on a daily basis."

Four more languages - French (for Africa), Hindi, Indonesian and Turkish - will be available this month, and they're working on translating the site into the BBC's 27 other broadcast languages.

The resources were already available for anyone to browse, but until today the BBC enforced a subscription model for readers to gain full access to all the site's materials.

But soak up all the free knowledge while you can - the BBC is suspending the paywall only for a trial period of 12 months.

Via BBC College of Journalism

Image CC-licensed on Flickr via Tim Loudon.

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A question

How can I apply for these courses

To request training in Khmer languages or English-Khmer

Hi BBC !

My name Sam Ang Ban an online journalist in Cambodia. i have read this announcement and I am very interested in that course. Unfortunately, that course were conducted in many languages but absent in Khmer languages. So, on behalf of many Cambodian journalist, I want to request BBC to consideration about journalist training course in Khmer or English-Khmer languages for Cambodian journalist.

Best Regards,

Sam Ang

Reporter at

BBC College of Journalism website

BBC College of Journalism website ( lifted its paywall for non-UK users this Monday (30 June). All of our content is now free to view worldwide. Our blog ( has always been free globally.


But not Welsh, Gaelic, Scots Gaelic or any other non English Britith language...

Training materials

I am extremely delighted with this opportunity. This materials will surely boost my performance and career.
In the absence of a formal training environment, this is sweet.

Thank you BBC.

I'm intrested the course.


My name Zhang Jun(Jean) an Sports journalist in Singapore. i have read this announcement and I am very interested in the course, especially the course is conducted in Simplified Chinese.

May i know how can i apply for these courses?

Best Regards,



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