Why be a journalist?

Why be a journalist?

A recent blog post on the Web site of journalism training institute Poynter came up with four possible reasons: to earn a living; to change the world; to shape the discussion; and to report news accurately and objectively.

What are your reasons? What inspires or drives you to be a journalist?

Its all about becoz of my dream

Hii I would like to introduce myself as Mohit Gyanchandani . There is a dream in my childhood to become a traveller n I believe that one day I will become a travel journalist!!!!! .

To be a change agent - Ochiaka Ugwu

I was dragged into the pen pushing profession by the situation in my country. In Nigeria today, you are faced with two alternatives, either to fight or to forgive. Life has become as hard as nail. Citizens suffer for no fault of theirs and our leaders seem not care a bit. Life has become a bonus and meaningless to most people. Corruption has become a way of life. It is so bad that people now prefer to commit suicide instead of living in their country of birth. The much touted economic growth is only evident in the pages of newspaper and television screen. All these and many more made me to be a journalist so that I can be a change agent that will transform my society better than I met it and give meaning to the living condition of my fellow country men through objective reporting.

Why be a Journalist?

So, how have you been able to be a "Change Agent"? What have you done so far?


It's all about changes

Hi, my name is Mary Tobby Oladipo and I am a final year studen tin high school. After matric I'ld like to study Journalism and Media. I also want tomake a great change in this "wreched" world of mine an dI believe this platform would be the best way to do that.

And just want to have yo uactually made a change in Nigeria so far?

why be a journalist? change the world ...and shape the discussion.

Why be a journalist

Being a journalist has enabled me not only change my life but the lives of others. See, feel and experience what other people go through in their everyday lives, when it comes to health news, wow, my passion now, being a mother too, i get to do stories and use the information not only to benefit the audiences but also use it at a personal level. When it comes to human rights stories,i have come to appreciate what other people especially journalists go through in the course of their work and not wave away lamentations by fellow journalists that they are undergoing torture or political intimidation at all levels. So take pride in doing what i do, because i deal with human beings and share their stories with the rest of the world. Am proud to be a journalist


the joy that comes with this fantastic career is overwhelming to get to travel around the globe, meeting new people and experiencing different things at the same time.

I can be whatever I want

I'm journalist because while I'm interviewing, writing or researching I can live many lifes, I can see many different views. I have choosen that because I can be a little bit of everything.


Very interesting topic , appreciate it for posting . "Integrate what you believe into every single area of your life." by Meryl Streep.

Why I am a journalist

Journalism is a calling despite it being a source of income for many journalists. To be the voice of the voiceless.

Why Iam a journalist.......

I have inherited an interest in journalism, decided to pick it up as a profession may be because of our family tendency, but not for money only. This is the only one profession which gives me knowledge, experience and responsibility to share everything I observed through the lens of journalism. Like an eagle I want to fly over the world to see more, to observe more, to understand more and feel more. So that I can contribute more to the world and can make my life worthy.

for me, being a journalist

for me, being a journalist means passionate to share each others. Journalist meets many things from different backgrounds, it provokes the journalist's maturity into wise level.. I found that being a journalist builds larger life capacities, widen the horizons and border less paradigms..

Becoming a journalist has

Becoming a journalist has been a childhood dream for me because i wanted to bring to light many if not all the social ills invading our society.Aside the four reasons given by Poyter, i decided to be a journalist so i could serve as an epitome of hope for my family who,especially my mum who has been a victim of many social injustices.

I am a budding journalist who

I am a budding journalist who works in Arts, Entertainment and Lifestyle section at Blantyre Newspapers Limited (The publisher of the Malawi News, Daily Times, Sunday Times and Weekend Times, a sole fast-growing afternoon paper which has taken Malawi media by storm). Apart from earning a living and fulfilling my writing passion. I decided to become a professional journalist with the mission of bringing full awareness on crucial issues specifically to do with Gender, Human Rights and Environment among local people from grass roots level for them to realize their roles on these issues. I believe the fight against, for example, climate change, can be won if rural masses who depend on natural forests for their survival in most poor countries like Malawi, realize the significance of preserving natural resources. Poor education levels and cultural beliefs that fuel gender-based violence among villagers can also be reduced if a journalist like me can intensify reporting on negative effects of such barbaric acts which put the lives of many people (especially women) at jeopardy. -Howard Mlozi (, Blantyre, Malawi.

Writing is my passion. To me

Writing is my passion. To me being a journalist is not a job or a duty but a passion.... the passion to know the truth and to break it as it is. Words are powerful. When properly used, uttered or written words can bring about unity, but used wrongly it can also cause chaos and division and incite rebellion. As a writer and a journalist, one of my goals is to do what I can to make the community a better place.

I treasure being a journalist

I treasure being a journalist because I hope to document events of my time for pleasure, for peace, for posterity; because I want to add my voice to national/global issues; because I want to contribute my quota to development, inspire hope amidst hopelessness; because I want to expose corruption and injustice and restore a sense of dignity in humanity in my own little way; because I want to create a change in/from my own corner of the world, because I BELIEVE THAT THE WORLD CAN BE BETTER THAN THIS. I see journalism as a tool, not for propaganda, not for pride, but FOR A BETTER WORLD. Because IT IS POSSIBLE. --Betty Abah Lagos, Nigeria



For me Journalism is

For me Journalism is long-lasting responsibility in life. No other profession as difficult as journalism. Journalism is not simply transferring information but also it a tool to shape the misinformed. It is all about to act in the middle of fire. So, a journalist has to be educated, clean-up, well informed, and committed. Journalist has to be always in a painstaking struggle internally. Journalist has to be at least legally neutral from any political membership. It is more precious than a mirror fixed in a wall which helps everyone to see the self image in it.

Girmay Gebru Ethiopia

A pimp into political

A pimp into political evolution of nations of the world shows that the submition of thinkers that 'power corrupts absolute power corrupt absolutely'.the media profession emerged from the need to check the exeses of government and to ensure transparency and accountability.most struggle against opresssion and dictatorship anywhere in the world has been based on the right of the people to know and accuracy of journalists to inform them.This committment to ensure an equitable society through an effective information has been my drive five years ago

I wish to all my fellow

I wish to all my fellow worldwide freelance journalists and employed journalists A Happy Journalists Day. Let us works together. Let us live in a harmony and let journalists works as a Team to let this world in Peace.

I wis to take an opportunity to share my hardship experience as what a school teacher treated me this afternoon on May 4th carrying out my duties for the society but indirectly being treated harshly by teaching profession.

I entered the door at MC seeking him to give me the names of the Opponents and Proposers. The female teacher of Maktab Sains entered and impolitely asked me to get out. She said, "Get out!, Get out! for many times. The MC man shook his head and looked at me for witnessing a very rude culture of Negara Zikir, Melayu Islam Beraja and Ahli Sunnah Waljamaah nation. She did not even give a chance to explain where I was doing my final works before I wanted to go home to fetch my son's and neighbour son's to the religious school. The culture of driving out looking at the rakyat like satans in Negara Brunei Darussalam as on of the tradiitional curriculum in this nation. I have been abroad. I had never experienced driven like the pig and dog. I was shocked this happened in this country - Brunei Darussalam.

Treating a Journalist in the official function by the government officers in Negara Brunei Darussalam should be exposed to my counter parts at the International Center for Journalists which I shall let them know about this. I should have not turned up to attend the invitation from the Director of Co-Curriculum Education Department.

The other male teacher came out taking my picture from a distance when I communicated with the Setia Security Officers at the counter of the Ministry of Finance building. I later trailed him back to where he went back into the audiotorium. If the Director of Co-Curriculum Education did not invite me. I shall not come for sure, known being treated like the pig and dog by the female Muslim.

I did not know what was the purpose of the male teacher taking picture on me?. I am looking forward to tell my counterparts of the unprofessional ethic of the teachers in Negara Brunei Darussalam. I wonder if the female teacher is normal?.

I know every government officers are protected by the Laws. If other nations such government officers deserve fair treatment by public. If they are not well treated; they get better treatments else where what a freelance journalist can tell you.

Last time I wrote the letter to the government officers of ill treating the rakyat in Brunei Darussalam is fair and justify. If they are in other parts of the world. They will get better treatment which made their lives in pains. For example what happened with Officer In Charge Police District in Malaysia where people got into his house and he had the knife on his stomach. I cannot disclose to you but  you may have followed up this in the newspaper.

I wish to thank Editor of Internation Center for Journalists in publishing this. I hope my fellow journalists friends may write to my e-mail address at



If you care for the world,

If you care for the world, and want to usher in a better tomorrow where justice and fair play rule, journalism is the profession that you must choose.

Remember, in a democracy, journalists comprise the fourth estate, and the media happens to be one of the pillars on which the conscience of the nation is enshrined. An unbiased reporter who serves as the eyes and ears of his nation and shapes public opinion against all wrongdoing is what every country needs

Because without knowledge

Because without knowledge people' s life become dangerous, may kill them and because publishing is the soul of justice.This is what i serve during the 30 years of my professional life. Matina Volaki Athens, Greece

our job is simply about

our job is simply about mirroring society but it takes passion and the inclined zealotry to make that difference. There are a lot of things happening around us - we have a duty personally - professsionally and patriotically to change our world. We want to see and influence change - at least for the better. Such change can only - we belive become realizable when we muster the courage to turn our world around. That is the driving force.

I'm inspired by the fact that

I'm inspired by the fact that i can contribute to better public understanding and appreciation of issues, people and places. To be able to bring important issues to light and to the realm of public debate, explain difficult statistics or issues to ordinary people, help people clear a misconception or get a clear conception of an issue or a people, tell people's views or give a platform for people to air their views and express themselves, to uncover what some dont want to be in public-to do that work for the good of nobody but the public- was more than 10 years ago and is still my drive to be a journalist. I can imagine ever being more purposeful to my time on earth that to be a good journalist.

Uganda Multimedia Journalist and Digital Media Trainer.

ournalism is more important

ournalism is more important than ever. The world is more complicated but we also are more dependent on one another. Who sifts through the mass of information to find out what is timely, relevant, of wide interest, involves the right to know, involves the need to know but also informs, educates, guides or entertains the audience? That is the role of the journalist. Respected columnist Walter Lippman once described the role of journalism as being "like the beam of a searchlight that moves restlessly about, bringing one episode and then another out of darkness into vision.'' Jack Driscoll (former Boston Globe Editor, present citizen journalist, author of "Couch Potatoes Sprout: The Rise of Online Community Journalism")

"One of the objects of a

"One of the objects of a newspaper is to understand the popular feeling and give expression to it; another is to arouse among the people certain desirable sentiments; the third is fearlessly to expose popular defects." -- Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi

just to live with dignity

just to live with dignity

Professional newspapers

Professional newspapers recruit qualified journalists only. To get this job at least one should have Graduation plus Diploma in Journalism and mass communication. Spending Five to seven years at colleges, one can join the profession. Compared to other professions, pay pack of newsmen are not at all attractive. Career in journalism sounds so exciting but very few people know the other side of it. The first thing which comes to mind when we hear the word journalism is breaking news, but we never think what the Journalist has to go through to get that news to us. Some people say that the job of a journalist is very easy and interesting; they get to travel a lot. But is it that easy as it sounds? Journalists work in newsrooms and offices. They may travel locally and nationally to interview people and research stories. For example, court reporters spend a lot of time in courtrooms and sports reporters spend time outdoors watching games. Journalists report on stories that may be distressing or unpleasant. They may also have to work in challenging settings such as at crime or accident scenes.

C.O.T Azeez Jeddah KSA

Well, people tend to become

Well, people tend to become journalsi for different reason, i quese. but as a tarinned journalist,its being something in my blood just like any other professional. But coming from a part of country where the government committed attrocities againt its people, i had no option! only the barel of the pen could quench my thurst to tell the stries to a wider odience, so that,at least people know something had happened .Wagalla masacre. Wajir , nother kenya in 1984. but it happened when i was young! Abdullahi Bashow. Bosasso, somalia

Do you really believe that

Do you really believe that now Journalism is really to report news accurately? I am seeing a lot of stories which are just there to earn up revenues only and nothing. Public benefits nothing from it. However they have the power to change the world up yes! Either in right manner or in a wrong manner! They've that power.


journalism calls for a sober

journalism calls for a sober mind and coutious approch in line of duty because information is like a knife: in the hands of a criminal it can kill but in the hands of a surgeon it can safe someone's life

I began working as a

I began working as a journalist 12 years ago, at age 19, because I wanted to alert the world to the untold stories of my home country of Somalia. I had always experienced the daily diet violence in my home town, Mogadishu; I have witnessed a lot of human rights abuses which motivated me to try to document the cases, but changed into reporting the human rights cases through mobilization programs. As a journalist in the capital, Mogadishu, I've covered street battles, assassinations and public executions, displacement and humanitarian catastrophes. I've had guns pointed at my head and I've stepped over twisted bodies on the road. I've been summoned to news conferences in the presidential palace only to be detained by corrupt officials who demanded a bribe. Or other gangs who tried to assassinate me. Over the years, I've watched governments and authorities come and go. Warlords, Islamic courts, transitional governments and clan based authority. One thing remains the same, when new groups rise to power, they attack the media. Today journalists who have dedicated their lives to telling the stories of Somalia find themselves caught between suicidal insurgents and the blazing guns of the transitional government's mad soldiers. No fun, No Music, No sports games in Somalia music. It is so sad and so boring. So In Africa, the problems sometimes make you a journalist, because when I was in my early school age in late 1980s I was thinking to be either a music arts or a player writer. But because of the collapse of Somalia’s government I have turned to be a journalist and tell the horrific stories of my people. Abukar Albadri, From Somalia, email:

As a Journalist I want to be

As a Journalist I want to be informed and also to inform the people. Because information is knowledge and knowledge is power to empower the people especially the empowerment of women and most vulnerable and disadvantaged. Parvez Babul, Journalist; Bangladesh.

Well, I come to be a

Well, I come to be a journalist as a matter of chance. Meaning I was not studied journalism before that. But meanwhile, I developed a strong interest for the sector for it enables me to know diversified topics, assist the community by speaking about their concern. However, I am not a such happy for there are a number of hindering factors from doing journalism as 'real journalist'.

I approve the idea of

I approve the idea of shaping discussio and reporting news accurately and objectively. In addition to this, I think that journalists are in a position to be the voice of the voiceless. And at a time we may even tend to advocate for some issues, but we should bear in mind that those issues must still be reported with objectivity as we are not militants but journalists.

My passion for journalism was

My passion for journalism was historical in the sense that the first Nigerian president used it to change the country and attract fellowship. Though I am not interest in public office, but sees journalism as a way of bridging the gap between the rich and poor with simplified information and trying to elavate the voices of both the poor and rich. But at the course of this service, I believe very much in journalists living a good life which cannot be achieved without earning a living worth the while; change my world for those who encounter me in my job and life style; shape the discussion with making informed comments when necessary; and reporting news accurately and objectively without fear or favour, bearing in mind the mightiness of my pen. Therfore, development journalism is key to making the world a better place for all. Remmy

Well, the worst one thing

Well, the worst one thing about journalists who report from foreign countries is that they take their prejudice with them when they go abroad. It is almost as if they wrote all their articles in their home country and only posted them from their assignment country. When you are unlucky to talk foreign reporter's mother tongue and could reed his reports, locals usually want to tear their hair off, because of the shear ignorance and arrogance that is not representing their country properly. DSE901 It is essential for foreign affairs reporter, not just to settle down, but to assimilate a new way of looking on things and report a real views and aspirations of the people of the country he is reporting from.

As the line between

As the line between journalism and Public Relations thins, I think that the new journalist is actually a media consultant. I think journalists, with their instinct for finding and reporting the news, have a great deal to offer PR professionals, with their instinct for creating news-worthy events. I think good journalists will become media professionals, who are some kind of hybrid of the two worlds. 

I am a journalist and media professional who is excited by this evolution. 

I think my passion for the

I think my passion for the craft of journalism grew when I considered its role as:

-Voice for the voiceless. -The consciousness of a nation and the thing that keeps the citizenry well-informed. -Its power to have an impact on society to change it to the better.

Besides the four reasons

Besides the four reasons outlined by Poynter, my other combined reasons are: To write news items that expose irregularities, endemic corruption in any sector and with it action from authorities.

what is more

what is more reassuring,satisfying,comforting etc than being called to be thanked for a story you did that has saved one from being forced into marriage at the expense of her education,or that a story you did has prevented many people from defilg themselves by eating an abominable meat,,or that you contribute positively to issues of development at the national,district or regional level,representing the people's voices, are you not happy and satisfied or content when you bring out stories or issues happening within the community that the people are not aware of? these are but a few that inspire me to be a journalist.Not only to inform, educate and entertain but to mobilize the people to understand what is really taking place around them,why what is happening is happening,mobilize the people for polio immunization,for instance,.I take pride in not stoking conflict but try all the time to de-escalate conflict, so i'm very careful with my reportage, to accurate,concise and objective from hope king, ghana

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