U.S. election coverage in your region: Tell IJNet about it!

When Barack Obama sealed his victory in the United States Presidential race on Tuesday, November 4, becoming the 44th U.S. president and the first black president, surely, much of the world was watching. News outlets in every region of the world prominently featured the U.S. elections in their news coverage in the days following the results.

How did your news outlet or outlets in your region cover the U.S. election? What was the style of reporting? Was it objective, or was it biased in one candidate's favor?

And lastly, was coverage of the U.S. election different than in other elections you have experienced? If so, how?


When Barrack Obama became the senator for Illinois, Kenya was happy. We were happier when he won the presidency. After all he is our son. According to Africans, it doesn't matter where the child was born or lived, he always belongs to the fathers roots. Anyway much of the excitement was about Obama breaking the barriers for being the first black president of the US. Need I say that the media covered how people from Kogello village where Obama's dad hails were anxiously waiting for his win?

**Obama victory its nice**

As international suporter I participated the campaign I am not sure but I think Iwas frist person who congratulated before election victory Isent an email July /16/2008 I said congratulation your victory of next president of the united states of America I see now you are walking the corridors of the white house as president of America insha Allah it was just analysis and become true.and other email the July Iadded my analyse your victory is not only frist term but second you will win those emails published his ex website,second term icreated English poem its too long and wonderful it includes the following Obama re election is right Q Q Its nice in past and to night Media first rude to him w ex Next its all sweetness and light Changes desigjned to optimize#qt The efficency of humanright By Abdirisaaq sh Ali Ahmed somali scholar and editor Academy journal English literay for peace,environment and businessmsnagement local seasonal Snail

Nepalese media had been

Nepalese media had been backing Obama right from the beginning. Almost all the newspapers which carried reports both produced by their writers and those from the wire services, tended to paint Obama as a frontrunner. Section of the media was disheartened though when Hillary was eliminated. Republican candidate never inspired any writers or newspapers. I am still wondering why although I for one was behind Obama. McCain never appeared to be a man who "can" do much.

In my country, Myanmar most

In my country, Myanmar most of the people have been interested in US election. But they didn't dare to express their feeling because junta has always watch us. Myanmar people like both of them for Obama means Oh Burma and Maccaine had met Aung San Suu Kyi in 1990s. May I could participate in campaign to get human rights in where it's needed including Myanmar,my country. Thank you.


Well, to be honest it was

Well, to be honest it was quite unfair for the MCaine and palin. all the coverage was Barak and Barak all the way through. I imagine it was because of the colour affinity we have here in the south of the sahara with the president elect - we seemed to have already planted amongst ourselves that the change that was to be in america was Obama - the most - the most compelling interactive Africa community, sharing news, photos and videos - was all out across Africa to capture the euphoria after the declaration of the results. Obviously most Africans got glued to their TV and radio sets in anticipation of an Obama victory and they had it. Our mobile phone cameras were ready to capture the mood - joy and sadness - and we had the right shots. This video on Youtube sums up the way we captured the US elections -

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