Should journalists disclose their political beliefs?

“What if journalists disclosed their political views? Wouldn't that create more transparency and accountability around political news coverage?” Facebook Journalism Program Manager Vadim Lavrusik asked his more than 265,000 Facebook subscribers.

Whether journalists should—or can—maintain objectivity is a question that surfaces over and over again. Should journalists keep their political beliefs private for the sake of objectivity?

Lavrusik doesn’t think so. “I think it's a silly idea to think that it somehow makes journalists more objective if they don't disclose their political bent or to think that they don't have one.”

What do you think? Should journalists strive to appear neutral, or be more transparent about their opinions?

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Keep your personal believes to yourself

I believe it is not safe.... worldwide, and unfortunately, here at home... USA, yes, here in USA is no longer safe, to wear your political believes in your shoulder. I am a REPUBLICAN and I am being outcast from media... "subtle discrimination"... so how am I to survive during these remaining years of democrats in the house?. The best advise is to keep your opinions to yourself and inform in a neutral way... yes you still can do that... base on objectivity only.... the truth... not the arranged thruth... is the most revealing form of journalism...

Should we?

I always asked myself that question. Being a 'trainee journalist' I don't really know whether I should make clear what my political beliefs are. Some part of me fears that I could become a target if I do...

Journalist on political views

To me it is not right in fact in my country Kenya its more dangerous to your carer after election the audience we will continue to perceive you as an object used by the political class.

Lets preserve our views.]

Journalists serve all people

There are several journalists in my country that belong to certain parties. You can easily tell this through their columns and opinions that speak good or bad about specific political leaders. However, this reflect a bad image of such journalistic characters because of their biased views. Therefore, I feel journalists should not publicize their political beliefs due to the nature of their profession which serves people of different backgrounds such as political, race, education etc.

The danger of rallying yourself to a particular party is that some sides may accuse you of bias, even if you are far from that.-Howard Mlozi.

Journalists should always be

Journalists should always be neutral. The masses will always have trust in your journalistic works provided that they dont know your political side. But when you come up to show your political side, many listeners, readers and viewers will have a bias about your points, however correct they may be.

Journalist Expressing Political Opinion

Never ever. I do not agree with Lavrusik. So you openly express support for a political ideology, party or candidate, how do you then report objectively. And how does your expressing your opinion help your journalistic work? What difference does your opinion make. Journalists hold a sacred opinion moulding position in society and must not use it for undue advantage or political gain. Please keep your opinion to yourself. When journalist delve into advocacy of any sort, be it politics or any other, they lose track and focus.

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