Shield laws: Necessary protection or a threat to citizen journalism?

Currently, a law is being considered by the United States Congress that would protect journalists from prosecution if they refuse to reveal their sources. 

But many feel that if passed, the law – known as the “Federal Shield Law” – would limit the definition of a journalist and exclude many in the reporting profession, such as bloggers, from protection.

Do you have a similar law in your country? If not, do you think your government should consider adopting one? How might a law “shield” some journalists without failing to protect others who deserve to be protected?

IJNet would like to hear your opinion. We invite you to answer these questions or add some of your own. Join the discussion by clicking on "Add a Comment" below. Please identify your country if possible. Thanks for your participation.

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I am from Malay

I am from Malaysia. Yes the shield and protection law is so minor or sometimes do not exist. Some journalist would move over to different lucrative industries instead of a journalist job with uncertain safety. Freedom of speech is often misused. The bad person tends to speak louder and twisted the entire story, working through ways by bribery, corruption, business practices, etc. My standing is , Yes, sheild/freedom of speech law is necessary protection to citizen journalism. It is worse in Singapore, someone will jsut be blacklisted forever or sued to bankcruptcy if saying anything in opposite favor of the dominant party. Where is diversity, alternative voices and fair views?


a journalist is

a journalist is not supposed to give out the names of his/her sources under any circumstance. but i believ there should be a law protecting them so as to practise their duty freely.

revealing a source simply means pple will no longer confide in us and how are to travel this journey our own if there is no one for a back up. we publish only the truth that has been thouroughly researched. Why does somebody ask me who my sources are, if what i wrote about is true?

I am from Ethio

I am from Ethiopia,in our country there is no law which allow journalists to protect their sources.Rather journalists could be forced to reveal the names by the order of court.So having a law which protect journalists not to reveal a source is important.

It is not advis

It is not advisable for a journalist to disclose his/her source. They should be protectected by all means because the profession is for the benefit of mankind.

During the military regime in Nigeria, April 18 th 1984 to be precise, two notable journalists were arrested having falling victim of the decree 4 of 1984. But the truth prevailed and those guys (Tunde Thompson and Nduka Irabor were later freed and today still doing well.

Their one time captors are still hiding their faces in shame. The truth will always prevail!

I wish my count

I wish my country Uganda should adopt this law. I do produce and present a children's program but of late i have opted to keep off, from the begining of this year as i find myself doing almost nothing for the children i only get parents and teacthers designed stories. This is what I mean; If you are update with Uganda, you would have read or seen in international media where a fire gutted as dometary and kiiled 20 puplis, three years ago a fire broke out in a Boys school laboratory and latter a strick at the same school, this prompted me to investigate in order to get the version of the students, it almost cost me my job,while for students who were interviewed were exepled but if only i was allowed to give these boys thier voice, may be the current fires wouldn;t have detected earlier and protected.I was interrrogetted by my madie house and one of the members of the board of directors to expose the inteviewees.I strongly believe a concealed story can work perfect in some instances.

Freedom of expr

Freedom of expression and free media must be the first of all. Thank you. Dr.Khin Myint Oo

Dear Associates

Dear Associates and viewers,

I think it's a very essential subject which the demand of time and one of the basic for the citizen journalists.Since 1989 I am in the field in journalism and media but not got the minimum expectation as the professional, lost and gave a huge damage, not possible to get recover, but have hope for next generations.Not sure but think no such law is still implemented in our country must be demanded.From the previous still present only a few selected number of in these professions taking monopoly advantages and facilities but a huge of number are surviving in the field like me failed to get the support of law and helping hands.However, wish the global journalist community would pay their attention for us and such developing countries that can cover at least to be honored in this public representing profession.

Thanks... MUKTI MAJID The Monthly Muktidooth Dhaka,Bangladesh.

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