Press Freedom Day: What is its significance to you?

On the occasion of Press Freedom Day, May 3, IJNet invites you to share your stories about press freedom in the country or region where you work.

Have you ever felt oppressed or endangered when reporting?  Have you suffered retribution or been prosecuted because of a story you reported? Has your work ever been censored?

And what is your ideal of press freedom for your country?

We invite you to answer these questions or add some of your own. Join the discussion by clicking on "Add a Comment" below. Please identify your country if possible. Thanks for your participation.

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Taiwan needs gl

Taiwan needs global support to fight for Taiwanese journalists press rights in World Health Assembly

On April 30, Freedom House just released its annual survey of global press freedom. Taiwan is ranked 32nd out of 195 surveyed countries, and number one in East Asia. The report says, "Taiwan has the freest media environment in East Asia due to its commitment to judicial independence, economic freedom, and a highly competitive media market." Yes, we Taiwanese really enjoy the great environment of free speech and press. But that is inside Taiwan. In the international arena, Taiwan has been suffering from the total opposite situation. Ranked 181st in the world press freedom, Beijing is the key role to stifle Taiwan.

A discrimination against journalists from Taiwan by the World Health Assembly (WHA), which will convene in Geneva on May 19 this year, has been ongoing since 2004.

Taiwan is not a member of the United Nations and Taiwan reporters are barred from covering UN-sponsored events such as the WHA. The main reason proffered by the UN for excluding Taiwan journalists from UN- and WHO-affiliated events is that journalists from a country which is not a member of the UN may not be accredited. In 1971, the People's Republic of China (PRC) replaced the Republic of China (ROC) as the UN member representing all of China. Since then, the PRC has claimed that Taiwan is part of it. It is the PRC's political pressure alone that causes the UN Secretariat to deny journalists from Taiwan press passes.

The above mentioned Freedom House report clearly states that WHA refused to issue accreditation to Taiwanese journalists under pressure from Beijing. It's so disappointing that World Press Freedom Day was established by the United Nations in 1993, and now UN -- WHA has denied Taiwan journalists' press rights for political reason.

As a Taiwanese, I sincerely hope all international press and human rights organizations to stand up to fight for the freedom of the press. Without the support and efforts from those organizations, the ideal of press freedom in the every corner of the world would never be achieved.

On the occasion

On the occasion of Press Freedom Day, May 3, Journalists all over the world,those who are still alive working and or in detention take a specail time and moment to think about their profession. As a cameroonian journalist working for one of the first ever independent newspaper, Le Messager, i can say that i have realised the difficulties of the press frededom and even the search for informations. I have been endanger and even oppressed while in duties in cameroon. I was investigating a corruption in the education department and finance administration and then i have been told by of the police officer that they have received orders to send me out and even to try to cool me down. In cameroon to cool down a journalist means that they can send you in detention without any charges against you or they can just kill you without having to reprot to anyone. Press freedom in cameroon its a reality but in fact the authorities dont want to let journalist work or exercise their job in a freedom and friendly environment. They are still afraid of what the journalist can revel to the world and even to those who can charged them in justice. But journalist as well still need more training in order to know how to fight for their rights and even how to be keep alive in crisis countries while reporting.

I cannot forget that i was targeted by the government after writing an article on corruption that has involved the first lady family member and some people close to the president. Even my director has decided to keep me out of duty in order to keep his business. At that time my work was censored. The ideal of press freedom in cameroon will be the cleaniless of the profession.

And what is your ideal of press freedom for your country?

Thank you for t

Thank you for this topic to discuss.Honesty I want to tell you, I never felt oppressed or enda ngere in my reporting and also nobody claimed me because of my story or reporting. This time I am on my writing a story about “ Good Governance” in my country. The story is abaout how far for what we say “Good Governnce” is going in Manokwari - Papua Barat - Indonesia. Three aspecs become my focus for example : Transparancy,Accountability and Public Participate. In Public Participate my focus on Planning. In the plan development how far public take a part in it and also what public ? The plan development start for thelocal distric. Whether their planning can be accomodated to planning mount regency or not. I explored my sources from the Civil Sociaty Organization – CSO, People from the University , Social Problem Observer and last forom the Government it self . The information from CSO,People from University and Social Problem Observer said that there was no public participated during so long in our country,but people from local government in Manokwari be obstinate have taken public on their planning in every level,but they did not says what indicator they used it to measure the public participate. They seem did not like me but there’s no reason to avoid and asnswer me so I keep going to write my stories. I hope the press freedom keep running and no pressure or intimidate in my work as a journalist here in Manokwar – I am sorry I can not answer you every week discussion sometime is quite difficult – sorry for my english

Herman Lengam Radio Berita Matoa FM Jl.Tugu Jepang Amban 98314 Manokwari - Papua Barat Indonesia

I would like to

I would like to bring your attention to the state lead oppression of media in Guyana. Attached is a story:

Media fighting state-led oppression in Guyana

The pen is mightier than the sword, it is said but, according to Stabroek News editor Anand Persaud, the Guyanese government is going all out to prove this idiom wrong.

Stabroek News, Guyana's leading daily, is facing the ire of the government, which has withdrawn all advertisements since November 2006.

"This move was preceded by withering attacks by (Guyana) President Bharrat Jagdeo on the editor-in-chief of the newspaper," said Mr. Persaud.

President Jagdeo, now in his second term, criticised the newspaper in public. "He accused us of supporting a third party," Mr. Persaud told The Gleaner last week while in Jamaica to attend a seminar on press freedom and corruption prevention. "This was a speech that he made during his election campaign."

The advertising cut-off came without any official indication from the government information agency which handles all state advertising.

"The move was arbitrary and had no basis and, a year after the withdrawal, the government has no case and no explanation," said Mr. Persaud.

The Guyanese government in January tried to justify its move, stating that the advertisements have been withdrawn as Stabroek News was no longer the largest circulated newspaper of the island. The state accused the newspaper of deviating from the issue.

"The issue has nothing to do with press freedom," quoted a Government of Guyana press release. "It pertains to economics and impact maximisation."

Mr. Persaud denied this claim, stating "our circulation is audited every month and, to the best of my knowledge, the circulation figures of the competition have not been professionally audited."

He added: "We proposed that the advertisements be distributed on the basis of audited circulation and the target audience, which has been ignored.

"This move is to penalise the newspaper for critical reporting." The resentment of the government started when we did a series of news stories raising questions on some of the government's initiatives."

He said the government's decision seemed to be a message to the daily that it should soften its stance, an action Stabroek News chose not to take.

President Jagdeo, meanwhile, is under pressure from various groups to rethink his own stance, but has refused to budge.

Director of the International Press Institute, Professor Johann P. Fritz has recommended that the issue be resolved amicably.

"The government must accept that the media has a crucial role to play," he said. "If present disagreement is allowed to continue, (it) could have a chilling effect on all media who receive government advertising in Guyana."

The Commonwealth Press Union (CPU) and the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) have also criticized the Jagdeo government for this move.

Press freedom i

Press freedom in my country Nigeria could be said to be far better than other countries in sub sahara Africa. Democracy Ithink is playing a crusial role here. But it has not always been so few years ago when we had the military guys in charge. Though things are relatively better today, but more still need to be done, for us to have the true freedom of the press. Currently our legislators are still finding it confusing to sign the much needed freedom of information bill that has been pending in chambers for the past few years and we journalist are still waiting eagerly to have this freedom to scrutilised most of the activities of our leaders. And given the current probes going on in our contry I belive its high time this bill is sigh for more can of worms to be exposed to the public and the frustrated citizens. The press freedom day I belive should be more organised and probably a write free day recognised all over the world.

There is almost

There is almost no pressfreedom in the so called UGANDA'S FM radios where you are torn between the listenership, management and the commercialization of the programms. the Journalist will end up forced to justify only the bottom line in the books of accounts of the proprietor.

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