Journalists at big events: There for entertainment, or just doing their job?

Last week, more than 15,000 journalists from around the world traveled to the U.S. city of Denver, Colorado, to cover the four-day U.S. Democratic National Convention.

In an article in the Columbia Journalism Review, managing Web editor Justin Peters criticized the media for dispatching so many reporters to Denver, suggesting only a small number of journalists did essential reporting.

Most, he said, were there for the entertainment value, or as journalist Megan Garber documented, to take part in activities such as a visit to a media-funded Zen-like spa with gourmet food and yoga.

Yet, in a separate article, CJR assistant editor Jane Kim applauded the large media presence, saying such a presence leads to variety in the newsgathering process.

What do you think? Should media outlets dispatch their own reporters to important national and political events, or simply and cost-effectively rely on news wires?

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I was there and this was my

I was there and this was my third time covering both conventions. There are clearly 'entertainment' opportunities and some approach it as such.

For those willing to do the work, there is all manner of very real news, and a very serious job to do.

With the amount of money poured into these events, there are hospitality suites galore and all sorts of news and talking points drilled into the Convention's 'theme', but if one keeps one's head down and ears open, it's amazing what can be found..and it's as alarming as what can be found almost anywhere else.

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The media (omni-)presence was

The media (omni-)presence was overwhelming in Denver. I went with a group of Austrian journalists (see for more on our time in Denver.) We applied for accreditation in February. Nevertheless, we were only given perimeter and arena passes, which wouldn't get you on the floor with the delegates. We managed to get floor passes eventually (for limited periods of time), but it was a bit disappointing at first, especially to the five visiting reporters from Austria. One remedy would have been to just give out a limited number of accreditation, and not one to every journalist who applied (our group being the exception, of course ;-). And you really don't need to be on the floor for every speech as a reporter... but tell that to the journalist from Austria, who's been talking about "watching the Clintons" for two days straight. Moving the keynote speaker to Invesco Field with a capacity of almost 80,000 alleviated the problem of getting everyone in. But how many journalists reported from inside Mile High last Thursday? I tried, but couldn't get a wireless signal. So we all went for the entertainment value... And for those who couldn't get into the Pepsi Center or Invesco @ Mile High, the DNC had arranged for free neck, shoulder and finger massages at the media tent, in addition to complimentary finger food, well-stocked bars (courtesy of Captain Morgan), wii virtual bowling and other computer games, t-shirts, etc etc. It's a hard life for journalists, isn't it...

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