Interactive media: How do they influence traditional journalism?

According to a recent survey, most journalists believe interactive media such as blogs have had a substantial impact on the form and speed of traditional journalism. Yet more than half of those surveyed say they don’t think such media have affected the quality of journalism.

What kind of impact do you think interactive media have had on journalism? How are more traditional media changing what they do, and how has this affected the speed and quality of reporting, if at all?

IJNet would like to hear your opinion. We invite you to answer these questions or add some of your own. Join the discussion by clicking on "Add a Comment" below. Please identify your country if possible. Thanks for your participation.

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To talk about i

To talk about in Nepal, interactive media have had a great influence on traditional i.e. one way journalism. In fact, they have prompted traditional media to adopt different strategies to ensure that readers or viewers are given more chances to participate in the deate on issues of public concern. Lately, newspapers are found giving more space to Letters to the Editor section while television channels too have started SMS votings and collecting Public Opinions on major issues from ordinarly public. If you read through letters published on Letter to the Editor section in Kantipur Daily [which gives whole page for readers' concerns] for example you find so many new issues or problems of ordinarly public, but largely ignored by we journalists.

We need a chang

We need a change in adaptation. The conventional media is very much biased and unethical. In India we face that trivial issues are more highlighted on prime time. A recent CMS Media Lab survey says that the media credibilty is on the stake. There are new initiatives by Print and television groups which gave platform to other companies. Surely the new media, blogging, podcasting, citizen journalism neede more dimensions to galore the possibiliites of society.

Factually speak

Factually speaking, the modern means of interactive journalism regarding its all forms and manifestaions,has neverthelees ultimately affected the core essence of conventional or traditional journalism, yet it by no means jettisons the fact that that this interaction has also given an acitve transnational awareness about the utility and magnitude of journalism.

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