How to: monetize news content on the Web?

In the May/June issue of the US-based Columbia Journalism Review magazine, digital media expert Rishad Tobaccowala points to a handful of ways for online news operations to make money. Among his suggestions:

* targeted Web advertising, or pinpointing advertisements to individual readers
* events
* sell merchandise (for instance, t-shirts and mugs through an online store)
* license content
* charge for premium archival material

Can you add to the list? Let us know your ideas for how to make money from news on the Web. No idea is too outlandish.

Branded journalism. Source

Branded journalism. Source citizen journalists from around the world, give them a platform on which to share their stories and cache their journalism and market their work to sponsors who want to be associated with that particular journalist's brand.

Base it on content, location (hyper-local, or worldwide) and provide a means for vetting contributions to keep spam and fraud at bay.

I have been trying for as

I have been trying for as long as there has been the internet to find a niche to earn money online and the only cash items I see are illegal, immoral, or indecent. I have never even come close to finding a real place where you could put in a days work or an hours work and get paid something. Surveys that are supposed to be paid rarely if ever have a pay out. Pay-per-click are mostly for people with money to invest to at least start up.

I've been tryin to promote my writing skills and that may pan our some day but probably after Im dead. Not much good today though.

Are you trying to do

Are you trying to do e-commerce? Well, some businessmen gain more profits in such kind of business. But you need to know/learn good techniques in order to survive in e-commerce business. You must budget all your expenses, including your capital to avoid bankruptcy. Nowadays we need to be more practical, we need to budget our income in order to survive in continuous recession. Fun on budget funds sounds restrictive, and fun cannot be restricted or rationed. Online payday loans help, but you don't want to compromise your cash flow when you can figure out how to have fun without cash. Let’s keep in mind that budget refers only to a list of all planned expenses and revenues. It is a plan for saving and spending. One thing I could suggest is to hire an accountant to do such monitoring expense on your business. Good luck!

Sorry to say but this is

Sorry to say but this is insane - are you really suggesting that a t-shirt is more valuable than the content a journalist writes - you are being bullied by advertisers....get over it....stand strong - that's what we do as journalists - Don't for get it....

Look at and get involved - we can make money by selling direct to people who value quality

Then we can look at licensing to other sites and creating an archive premium - once the story has already been sold and the journalist has eaten!


Tough question to answer

Tough question to answer especially for developing countries like mine. But working out with local advertisers could give something back.

Ideas like events, merchandise, licensing content and charing will do not good for developing countries as far as my experience as a web editor of a specialized sports site in a developing country.

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