Has news gone mobile in your region?

In recent years, many U.S. newspapers such as the New York Times have developed mobile sites and now put newspaper content on millions of cell phones.

In 2007, the UK's BBC Mobile reached an all time high, with 2 million monthly users. The vast majority of mobile news consumers in the UK are under 44 years old - compared to 25% for television news.

And experts say the role of mobile media is becoming more prominent in countries with a less developed IT structure.

What do you think? Are mobile phones an effective way to reach news consumers? Can quality news be transmitted via cell phone? Will this method be widely adopted in your country?

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The easiest way to reach

The easiest way to reach mobile users is through spam. While i have not been a huge victim of spam on my cell, its sad that that is the way.

I enjoy receiving information on my phone. The challenge with this new media device, is making it easy and informative for end users. A lot of phones lack capabilities to get this done easily. I feel that as years go by this flaw will become history.

I am rooting for mobile news. On of the most important parts of mobile marketing is finding ways to reach your customer market.

I am interested to see what happens in the next five years.

Sorry, full URL

Sorry, full URL is:

Mobile really lends itself to

Mobile really lends itself to citizen input - as in:

In Africa most people have

In Africa most people have access to the mobile phone and has become very common to receive news through the mobile phone. Journalists like myself have also adopted ways of reporting with the mobile phone. has been at the forefront in popularizing this new development over the past years. A move that has sought to give reporters and non- media personnels the opportunity to upload their news videos as and when it comes. Using a mobile phone to report is as effective as any other thing.

Joseph Appiah-Dolphyne

Web Editor, AfricaNews

mobile news in canada is

mobile news in canada is basically sports scores, basic headlines, there is a need for real mobile content within the geographic area you are in. something like a review or journalism from the neighbourhood your in presently. bob brouse

Mobile news is extremely

Mobile news is extremely effective. I use my phone to regularly check updates. There are 3G streaming news bulletins, but I don't know of many people who use them. The traditional 7pm tv news seems so outdated. I do believe mobile news is capable of quality transmission.

Producer/Presenter Current Affairs

Freelance writer &


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