Government advertising as a reward or punishment for media: Are you affected?

In countries around the world, governments have turned to using advertising to manipulate the media: Positive coverage equals more government ads; negative coverage leads to governments pulling their ads.

According to a new study, governments in Latin America are "distributing government advertising with the aim of influencing news coverage and punishing critics."

In many cases, government officials are making advertising payments directly to individual reporters, and even calling editors upset over certain news coverage.  

In your region, is advertising ever used to punish or reward media outlets or journalists? Have you ever personally experienced this? What can journalists do to resist government practices to control the media through advertising?

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Thanks for sharing great Term

Thanks for sharing great Term Paper . do not feel that newspapers should "let go", they are an important part of the global information outlet. In any case it is difficult for me to conceive what would be best for such organizations to do.

Thanks for sharing great Term

Thanks for sharing great Term Paper.I do not feel that newspapers should "let go", they are an important part of the global information outlet. In any case it is difficult for me to conceive what would be best for such organizations to do.

Govt can use patronage to

Govt can use patronage to manipulate coverage because it really matters that the one who possess revenue will call the tune.

For an online resource with

For an online resource with special attention to advertising boycotts by local government in South Africa, you can visit:

The good news: the newspaper won the contestation, and the municipality backed down in the face of legal papers (see the site for these).

hi ppl!....the fact for your

hi ppl!....the fact for your question happenes around the globe..when u start 2 oppose the ruling ppl or have contradictions...really the media is punished....coz we need 2 strengthen the media power like uniting the masscommunication and print and electronic media associations...its really hard to see the proverb nowadays cant even rely on it....(A PEN is alwayz mightier then a SWORD)

For a report by the Center

For a report by the Center for International Media Assistance on this subject, please feel free to e-mail any additional comments or specific examples of this phenomenon in your country to


Media manipulation has been

Media manipulation has been one of the biggest threats to democracy. In developing countries the scenario is palpable. Governments take undue advantage with the help of media. Nepal's case could be interesting. Every successive government takes control of the state controlled media -- TV, newspaper, radio and the news-wire. Although private sector media seems to be strong, it gets influenced by government officials through advertisement and some other promises. I wonder why people jump into media to serve the government. They are the plagues to the free and independent functioning of the media and this has killed young democracies in many countries around the world.

This is also true. in

This is also true. in pakistan gov only provide some newspapers ads but not publish fact reports. Positive coverage equals more government ads; negative coverage leads to governments pulling their ads.

This is exact situation in

This is exact situation in many African countries and nigeira especially. Here media outlets jostle for ads as if their sustainance depends on it, and partially it does. In fact, the situation between the two, is better described as: rob my back and i rob yours and vice versa. At times too, some reporters as well as editors who cover government activities or close to the seats of government secure direct ads as an inducement for positive reports.

I am surprised that we are

I am surprised that we are discussing this now, when in Africa this has been the trend except for a few countries who still have ways and means of muzzling the media through withholding of Adverts. In our case Government is the largest advitiser and when it stops, then the media outlet suffers. This even spills over to the private sector which in my view is not free enough because once it is known that a particular private company is supporting a media outlet that dissatifies government, they also find ways to deny them opportunity to grow...So we really are in a fix!

The same fenomen is happening

The same fenomen is happening in Albania but with the privat TV channels or newspapers. There is a channel in my country, where the government has put a lot of many in exchange of good news about the activities of the prime minister and the government reforms. This is terrible..... I think the journalism is Died in my country. Is very difficult to do your job, to be objectiv and to tell the truth. But the biger problem in albanian journalism is the fully control of the government in the Albanian Public Television, RTSH (National), is better to say state TV.... RTSH was the first TV channel in Albania. It's builted during the communism regimem, I think in 1970...Now it is completely in the hands of the government.

yes i agree with you.Govt


i agree with you.Govt don't help or can reward any news paper,They know how to punishment the whole media sector.So i believe,specially developing country all government use the add as a punishment.

this is fact , in pakistan

this is fact , in pakistan newspapers owenrs mostly give perference to advertise , owner concept is only business , and newspaper mostly give coverage to politics , where public issues published mostly on back page or ineterior side , through the rules and regulation owners have right for 35 % of advertisement . but the the published 65% add. and give only 35 % space to public , whole governments have turned to using advertising to manipulate the media: Positive coverage equals more government ads; negative coverage leads to governments pulling their ads.

More dangerous than the

More dangerous than the government now are some Non Governmental Organisations (NGO's) working on Media. These NGO's have created a syndicate of themselves.

In every third world

In every third world countries where authoritarian governments rule and the rule of individual or groups that do not allow the climate of democratic growth Newspapers, it needs to use advertising as one of the sources of income and funding for the paper so you can continue and the payment of wages and salaries of employees and journalists as well as subscriptions to newspapers to ensure distribution or part of the distribution Any newspaper or journalist take a contrary trend with the trends of governments or criticizes the government that blocking the ads in the newspaper as well as withdraw or reduce their size and to pressure the paper to back down from its critical This was critical to me personally and I worked Sahevo to the editor published an issue of negligence and exposing corruption in government departments and one result was that they Stopped their involvement in the newspaper and that pulling the ads, which I did not retract what I stated in my article and the former rejected, which has already carried out their threat to a budget of the newspaper and therefore their incomes

This practice is very much

This practice is very much alive in my country Cameroon and I had posted a comment on this on IJNET before. I have personally suffered from this practice and though mine is one of only three privately-owned English language news media in my country which benefitted from parliamentary grants intended for the press, we are hardly given any government advertising. It should be noted that to benefit from the grants, media houses have to meet up with very rigourous fiscal and administrative obligations but even after this, my newspaper is hardly ever considered for government advertising. One would have expected that after fulfilling all fiscal and administrative obligations, such news media would be given government adverts without any other preconditions. But no, unless your pen or microphone is friendly to the government, you get nothing from officialdom but intimidation, harassment and threats of a ban. Since the Anglophone media in Cameroon is seen as being sympathetic with the secessionist Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) English language newspapers are perceived as subversive and rebellion-inclined and as such should not merit any government advertising and enabling patronage.

Freedom of speech is a

Freedom of speech is a priviledge to Americans that other countries do not support. Other countries control the media in fear of what the public may think. Americans can judge what the media. The media is there to stimulate thought and give insight to issues that concern Americans to notify them on important issues going on in the world. The media in other countries are like a religous faith where social issues are condoned. They want the people to think and behave a certain way in fear that too much information may cause them to think and retaliate in defence of social freedom. They control their government to remain with out complete solace.

This is true and it is not

This is true and it is not only in Latin America. I've seen this in other parts of the world. Governments have for long time used different tools such as "access" and "ad money" to control media.

It is also true about officials calling journalists and threatening to cut-off ad money if the publish a certain report. One of the ways to stop this approach is to have a wall between the news and advertisment departments. This would help lower government meddling and also lower the risk of journalists violating professional standards in order to receive ads.

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