Global economic crisis: Are you affected?

As newsrooms restructure to adapt to the digital age, journalists are being hit hard by the world economic crisis. While experienced reporters are being laid off, journalists entering the profession face an ever-tightening job market.

Even the Associated Press, a safe haven for foreign correspondents, recently announced it is planning to cut 10 percent of its global staff over the next year because of low revenues and the decline of newsrooms, according to AP CEO Tom Curley.

Has the economic crisis affected you or journalists in your country? If so, what do you plan to do next? What are your strategies to survive as a journalist in the midst of a world recession?

Harsh Working Environment in Zimbabwe

As a young Jounalism graduate in Zimbabwe, i was fortunate enough to be attached to a newsroom barely some months after my final examinations but the worst part is the employers are struggling to pay the little they offer.

Newrooms are employing cost cutting measures and with this people are being placed on forced retrenchments whilst graduates continue to wallop in abject poverty as the industry has no place for them.

Newsrooms just want stories but they are not at libert to fund your trip to the scene so you would end up employing too much energy just cover a single event. Something must be done to save this industry else its being blown to the end

To be honest i do not know

To be honest i do not know what to say or how to act but i have to find a way to live and to survive as a journalist in the midle of a world recession but now thinking to have another job as a translator or to wtite stories to have some thing to help me because at the middle east journalists have trubles if they not folow the government in everything they want and to be free and able to show facts whatever it i have to be safe by another way to get money i know it is hard but i have to do or i have to stop

Yes. We, Myanmar journalists

Yes. We, Myanmar journalists have been highly affected by world crisis. We are already in political and economic difficulties. Now we all journalists as Myanmar people are facing daily pain for our living status. Our lovely? Junta does not do things for economic facts because they don't know skills of a government. Thank you.


The global economic downturn

The global economic downturn has seriously affected me and my newspaper. With the cancellation of timber orders from Cameroon by wood users abroad, timber exploitation companies in Cameroon have been forced to retrench workers and shot down operations thus occasioning a drop in taxes paid to government. One of my newspaper's biggest advertisers is the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife and because of the drop in taxes paid, payment for advertisements has been delayed. This also applies to the oil sector. Due to the drop in oil prices, there has been a shortfall in budgetay allocations and so government uses this as an excuse not to pay suppliers of goods and services, one of whom my news organisation is.

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