Does family or religion lead you to self-censor?

Though governments are often to blame for controlling the media, censorship can come from a variety of societal culprits.

In many regions of the world, a journalist's personal background and place in society has a profound effect on what he/she feels comfortable publicly reporting.

Menassat, a Web site devoted to exploring Arab media, recently pointed to censorship from religion and family as major factors in the freedom of Arab journalists, especially young journalists. Traditional gender roles may too affect reporting, the article said.

What are the factors in your society that cause you to self-censor? Has family or religion ever impacted what you chose to report - or not report?

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Hi all to be very frank here

Hi all to be very frank here the religion plays the vital role...up to me religions never try to demolish or subtle people but only the prechers do it...what do u brief for a religion..? a group of ppl following a same shedule or a track is said to be a community or religion..? in other words same type of habitation..? moralties are the 1 which should be seeded in each and every 1s life from the childhood...not to be self cencored!

I have never had an

I have never had an opportunity to report in a conflich but hope time is coming soon but when such time is nigh i wish i attended one of those basic training courses in risk management failing which i may certainly be returning home in a body bag!

I have never been to a

I have never been to a conflict zone so can not claim to possess knowledge on how best to prepare, in this regard I concur with those requesting for basis training in risk management for journalist other than that let us brace for loss of lives in the media.hopefully when my turn is up in a conflict i will be prepared!

I come from a small country

I come from a small country south of the sahara where family and religious influences are almost negligible in the profession however it is important to acknowledge the role these may play in journalism! "the danish cartoon uprising is a case in point!

There is no doubt to believe

There is no doubt to believe that family and religion lead to self-censorship. At least this part of the world we are residing in is largely influenced by family norms and religion. We have got a very conservative society, dominated both by culture and religion. Neither our culture allow us to cross certain limits nor religion. Islam clearly mention the limits and prohibits its followers not to go beyond the limits of Allah Almighty. Personally, i am not in favour of unlimited freedom of expression because such kind of practice always leads to mayhem. If we do take care of the rules and regulations of the state or law of land why we should not fully abide ourselves by family norms and religious teachings.

I agree fully as the way you

I agree fully as the way you think or view something or situation is partly influenced by your family. Their analysis and views on the matter play a role in how your view of it will come out. I firmly belive that a journalist can NEVER be fully objective but can rather be fair in the comments and be objective enough not to appear baist. Our surroundings and cultural backgrounds are a dangerous ground journalists from all walks of life try not to tread on or at least their foot prints not to leave marks that are already there.

I just can point out that

I just can point out that religion and family are the most known factors, but not determinant for everyone. There are some other. For instance, your location in this particular time in this particular place (there are the people around and you should pay attention to their feelings and traditions) or just being in love with someone. But it's still up to you to decide of course

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For the past 28 years, I have

For the past 28 years, I have held positions in newsrooms that make me the final person to decide on what gets published. And during this time, I have never had to self-censor any story because of religion. Since the Danish cartoon uprisings however, I have been getting more and more worried that intimidation by religious fanatics could have a negative impact on Editors in deciding on what finally gets to see the daylight in news media. This is very unfortunate.

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