In a digital age, are terms like press release and press conference obsolete?

IJNet reader Sanday posed this question to us over Twitter: "In a multimedia platform do we still have "press" officers, release, secretary, conference? Does press refer to other media or print?"

Journalism language is often slow to change - take the Associated Press style book, which changed its policy on terms like "Web site" years after most people (and news outlets) were using "website."

What do you think?

I realize his stage, but in

I realize his stage, but in contrast to the example over where website had been commonly used exactly what substitutes exist? Reporter briefing, perhaps for press meeting, but pr release is more difficult to change. ..


How about if we substitute press for media?

not yet

The terms are not yet obsolete, at least not in most African countries.

and replace them with?

What, exactly? I see his point, but unlike the example above (where website was commonly used) what substitutes are there? Journalist briefing, maybe for "press conference," but "press release" is harder to replace...

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