Can social media networks replace overseas bureaus?

Does it still make sense for news organizations to staff bureaus overseas when information travels with social networks?

That's the question posed by Canada-based journalist Khalid Magram on the LinkedIn group Journalists on Twitter.

While it's hard to imagine foreign bureaus being replaced entirely by citizen journalists spreading news on social networks - The AP's landmark office in North Korea is a great example of why not - it's hard to deny the ability of non-journalists to spread and even break news.

What do you think?

Hamad Kiani

In my view, social media is just a fad and highly incredible. The speed matters only in rumors, not in a clear shaped news. It requires digging, checking, verifying, inner sources, interpretation and investigation. A journalist is a trained and educated professional. How can you compare him/her with a person who has no clear idea of its neighborhood and you are entrusting him with a news? There are some people who have been seduced by its charm, but this bubble is not going to stay long. Ultimately, these people will realize that news by good, hardcore and professional journalists is the trust worthy only.

They Cant As Social Media Users are Not Professional Journalists

They cannot replace because most of the social media users are not professional journalists. Many of them are semi-illiterate, many of them are partial and support some parties or even one side of the story, their stories are unbalanced and lack what is needed in professional journalism.

Social Media Not Credible

How can you trust social media when you cannot not verify the news or events? Social media many a times is not serious medium of reporting. Many in the social media have different aims of using the network. Bureaus are there to stay...for credible news lest we prepare to face legal suits for non verified news reports.

Arnold Argertta

I think social media cannot replace overseas bureaus

Actually, I do not believe so. You can use social media but many people complain of the incredibility of some news reported through it. while social media net works seduce us of the speed of information travel, nonetheless, bureaus make it decisive to determine the one responsible for certain story. in social networks, twitter and facebook for example, there are cases reported where people used pseudonyms to spread information.

Nahed. T. Hashem

Not Possible

The idea is quite enterprising as far as cost saving opportunity of an organization is concerned. But, it would be hard to verify the authenticity of the information and its source. More than that, it can also be said that it may pave the path for vested interests to come into picture and spread their own agenda.

citizen journalism will replace them

eventually. I'm not sure quite yet, but there's no way cash-strapped news companies can afford to keep bureaus staffed when they can get some news for free...

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