Photojournalism project documents China’s global reach


Photojournalism project documents China’s global reach

Dana Liebelson | February 28, 2011

Two Spanish journalists and a team of photographers spent the last year documenting China’s vast global influence—and its consequences.

Foreign Policy excerpted the project for a moving photo essay, which appeared in the March/April 2011 edition of the magazine. It features 14 images from the reporting project which took an international team to 24 countries.

Journalists Heriberto Araújo and Juan Pablo Cardenal started the project with the intention of publishing a book on China’s impact around the world. Their year of reporting took, which took them to two dozen countries, is a testimony to China’s use of soft power.

From a Sudanese hospital staffed and financed by Chinese to a controversial Chinese-run logging project in Mozambique, the images pay particular attention to China’s influence on economic and development projects. Two photos show a gold mine in Burma, where Burmese miners as young as 14 work ten-hour shifts. It is believed that Chinese financiers back the project and have cut deals with local warlords and businessmen.

Photographers featured in the essay include Luis De Las Alas and Pablo Cozzaglio, a freelance photojournalist from Ecuador who works with AFP/Getty Images.

©Luis De Las Alas, courtesy Foreign Policy


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