Partnership aims to promote coverage of water and sanitation issues in West Africa


A new partnership aims to bring media attention to water and sanitation issues across West Africa by supporting a network of journalists with access to sector information, analysis, case studies and more.

The partnership, between WaterAid in West Africa and the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), brings together members of existing national networks from Ghana, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Mali, Benin, Togo and Senegal as well as journalists from Niger and Liberia.

According to a WSSCC statement, the network will act as a "platform to share knowledge and experience between journalists, work together at key moments for maximum campaigning impact, amplify the voices of the poor, support national networks and project WASH issues at the regional, continental and international level."

The partnership will grant seed funding for three years, with the eventual goal of achieving financial independence for the network.

For more information contact WSSCC's Tatiana Fedotova or WaterAid West Africa's Apollos Nwafor

WASH Media Network about to emerge from Sierra Leone

Thnks to Water Aid and WSSCC for makin WASH a priority in West Africa particular. Formation of new WASH media network is on the way in Sierra Leone @ Oxfam country office in Sierra Leone. The chairman for the Liberia editors and reporters WASH media network is assisting with their stories and formation partner. Sierra Leone journalists are more than willing to give voice to the voiceless. Pls help with your expertise if you can. I know you can. By Mohamed Kabba, Journalist, Awoko Newspaper

A welcome initiative

This is a welcome initiative which aims at ensuring safe water and sanitation. I felt interested in participating any program or training on water and sanitation if get the opportunity or sponsor. I live in sokoto state Nigeria and am working as journalist in one television station .in my state issue of water and sanitation has attracted the attention of both print and broadcast media. Am sure that I have a lot to give regarding water and sanitation. If am opportune to be part of the program let me know through my my mail (

Why is Sierra Leone not included?

Even as i appreciate the partnership for our neighboring countries, im also curious to know why is my country Sierra Leone not part of the network? As a media practitioner working in this country, i know for sure the issues of water and sanitation are a big challenge. Lat year cholera claimed the lives of over 400 people. I even did a piece on that on bbc media action website which was published worldwide. Please think of Sierra Leone. Response// get back to Thank you

water and sanitation

i am a journalist from gombe state, nigeria where the of water and sanitation related problems has overwhelmed our both radio and TV station. i would appreciate to participate in any program, training or activity that would help existing efforts

umar baba

This partnership would bring

This partnership would bring greater focus and on the ground coverage on water an sanitation issues in Africa, but is there more that needs to be said? To make significant strides in improving sanitation in Africa, more funding and professional help is needed.

Amber Worth

Am keen to participate in

Am keen to participate in this project especialy when it concerns rural development with water and sanitation in plateau state Nigeria

Liberian Journalists making strives

This initiative is very important. I thank this idea to partner is really making headways here in Liberia. Many thanks for the establishment of the WASH Reporters and Editors Network of Liberia that is really making issues of water and sanitation a matter of policy and urgent importance. For us politicians, are now making water, sanitation and hygiene as issues of focus, especially during this political dispensation where we are shortly expected to produce a new president. Hope the new media network is a part of this regional collaboration. They are really doing well. Jerry Andrews Politician, Liberia

Partnership aims to promote coverage of water and sanitation iss

Hi there, I am a journalist from Sierra Leone and I am interested in promoting coverage of water and sanitation in my country. I am looking forward to your respond to my request. Thanks Bai-Bai Sesay Sierra Leone West Africa

Great Initiative!

This development is a step in the right direction. It will surely ehance better coverage of an issue that is "under reported" especially in Nigeria. All well-meaning journalists ought to be part of this project. I am interested. Chiedozie Nzeh -

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