Group aims to make "Report an Error" buttons a web standard


Group aims to make "Report an Error" buttons a web standard

Jennifer Dorroh | December 01, 2010

Why is there a button on every web story that lets you share, print or e-mail the post, but there isn't one that lets you correct it?

A new alliance of news organizations and consumers wants to change that. Craig Silverman (of Regret the Error and PBS Media Shift Idea Lab) and Scott Rosenberg (of Media Bugs) today launched the Report an Error Alliance so news outlets and individuals can show their commitment to making it easy for people to report the errors they find online. They created the Report an Error button in hopes that web publishers big and small will add them to their sites. The founders write:

"Giving site visitors an easy-to-find, easy-to-use 'report an error' button is a way of saying to them that you care about accuracy, you want to know when you make errors, and you’re conscientious about fixing them. It’s like putting a 'you can trust this' badge on everything you publish."

So add the button to your site or blog, and encourage your news organization to do the same.


can i see an example?

the error button seems interesting, although i would like to see an example of a website, how can we manage to put this button in a way that encourage people to report what might be a mistake or an error


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