Are you IJNet's journalist of the month?

Are you IJNet's journalist of the month?

IJNet | August 07, 2015

We are looking for an outstanding journalist who has used IJNet to further his or her career. The journalist will be interviewed and featured on IJNet.

Nominate yourself, or someone else, by sending a bio (under 150 words) here. Please also include how you have used IJNet in your work. Check out our previous profiles of Nicole Froio and Didier Hernán Gil

In addition to being featured as IJNet's journalist of the month, you'll also receive a domain name that centers around journalism, .press. You'll receive: 

  • A free .press domain for life, and a free website builder kit for one year. You can also create a portfolio at a 40 percent discount
  • Conference passes on a case-by-case basis
  • Featured on the .press site and their social media accounts

This is a great opportunity to gain international exposure for your work!


Journalist of the Month

I've been able to gain information about a range of programs from IJNet. To date, I've already gained a media fellowship at Duke University in 2009. I also became aware of a religion journalism workshop in 2011 and became an executive member of the International Association for Religion Journalists. I've also been able to regularly access information about progress in the media sector from around the world. Best of all, it's great to feel connected to the worldwide journalism network.

Could you please email me at

Could you please email me at anguyen [at] icfj [dot] org?

I'm checking this out too 

I'm checking this out too